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260 Watt Quantum board (To dim or not to dim??)

I'm about to start a grow and fingers crossed the germination goes to plan.  Do I put the light at 50% power at 18 inches or leave it full power?  How should I time intensity?

My tent is 75x75 and I will be growing autoflowers.  Someone on YouTube said the light is equivalent to 500w.

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Alright there @BigM


Its up to you really mate, but I would turn it down to about 100 watts each board, maybe lower if your plants are tiny, also I would start with my light high up, either lower it so the plant finds the sweet spot or raise the pots.


I generally run them around 100 watts per board,as the plants fill the space I turn more boards on, Hope that makes sense,if you need any more our site sponsor @diyleduk has lots of information on his site.


Take it easy. Jj:yinyang:

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Use 50% first 2weeks

then about 75% week 3 and 4

beginning of week 5 go full power.



Me self use no light at all before seeds pops out

I start with 5-10w led  first 2-3 days

Then i go 70-90w led one week.

Then i have 250w MH one week

400w dualspec HPS one week

last 600w flowerspec HPS


Why use all power in beginning?

the tiny plants in beginning cant handle lots of wats anyway,

this is just waist of electric use strong lights from day 1

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Great thanks.  What distance should the light be.  18 inches good?

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start easy

first week about 30 inch


then go closer.



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Just worried about stretch and them going lanky.  I'm guessing I should see that and correct the light quick enough?

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Dont worry about strech first week or two.


I always start extra high in beginning.  This is good thing to do in the very early beginning.


I know leds go very cool,  anyways  im very kind and easy to baby flowers always


Is this the led lights from  DIY LED UK ?

they are very good , good choice then.

I self buy couple of them to my new bigger grow room im building at this moment.

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Yes Diyleduk lights.  As recommended on here.  I'm delighted.


Why is it good to go extra high with lights at the beginning?

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Posted (edited)

Just to be extra carefully . This is just this.


There can be some phenos that is more sensitive to strong light from very beginning.


Also out in nature it usually goes this way that them spoud after rain and cloudy day.


Plants normally dont like 100% sun or light power first days.

Cannabis is hardy plants, they mostly make even this.

Anyway,  i have 100% success this way.


Before i had germproblems and problems in beginning,   i was stupid and run 600w from start in beginning.

That was waist of money and plants.


Also new born human childs you dont want have first days in full sun maybe lol


Start very easy is always safe


In the end this is your grow, you do how you like :)

I only give tip of things i self have learn , the hard way


Lots of trial and errors.


And also you must listen to different sources,  not one people.

Listen to atleast three different tips,  choose or try one or two of them.

Then it will go well for you i think.


We all have different envoirments, different lights,  seeds,   grow medium, nutes, and humidy, temps, and so on.

There is good basic info , then in the very very end you must fine tune everything to your personal envoirment, skills, and time you can give this.


Today my own grow goes perfect finally :)

Took me almost 4years learn this thing


Edited by jrelax
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Thank you very much for your input, it is greatly appreciated.  The less mistakes I can make the better, I really want a successful grow, obviously.


I was just reading something about light bleaching.  The quantum led us powerful fron what I gave gathered.  I'll start high at 50% for a couple of weeks then gradually bring the light down as the power increases.  Should this be done daily or weekly, with regards to height?


The spindly stretch comes from not enough energy in the light?



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Start with quantum boards at 24inches and run them at lowest power for the first two weeks. Then go from there.


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Cheers all!

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