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A greeting and a cry for help

Hello all. I just joined the site today and I'm looking forward to learning from you all. 

I've done a few grows now but from the little I've read I am nowhere near getting what I should from my grows. The site is quite daunting. I'm looking for help and the first thing I was looking at is LED lights potentially but I'd really like tips on everything. Is there anywhere I could post to get help or would I have to break it down into each section such as lighting etc? 

Thanks and hi! 

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Welcome and hello mate,  remember practice makes perfect but if you cant wait hit the search function and i imagine all will be answered, :skin_up:

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Hello and welcome!  I know nothing about LEDs but try posting in the LED section - there are plenty of helpful folks and loads of info around. 


Get stuck in :bong:

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Hey mate, welcome to the forum. Led lights are a really hard to work out. I had the same issue as you trying to work out which ones were suitable becuase almost every website has affiliations to manufacturers and are biased. I guess the first thing to start with is your budget and go from there. I own a Mars hydro, viparspecrta and hlg quantum boards. I dipped my toe in with the Mars hydro, then went further with a vipar and finally when I knew I needed to grow for the rest of my life went with hlg quantum boards.


I find the Mars and vipar decent and I haven't had the quantum boards that long but am already seeing a difference with flowering which I won't go into in this post.


Good luck with trying to work out what's good for you mate.



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Alright there @58mike


As far as led’s are concerned all you need to know is @diyleduk .


Have a look mate, it is very much worth every penny.


Take it easy.Jj:yinyang:

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