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LED vs. HPS - Equivelents

I currently use 600w hps digital ballast systems.


9 plants to 1x 600w hps, 1 to 1.5msq. 20ltr soil.


I wish to convert to LED. I have browsed KING LED 3000W lights due to their cost.


A typical HPS at 600w is aprox 90k lumens.


Looking at the specs of a 3000w King LED fixture it gives the lumen output as aprox 24k.  


Can anyone help me with this disparity? I really wish to switch to LED but want King LED prices..but 24k lumens sounds wrong for 3kw of LED light? Any advices and experiences sought.


Thank you

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Have a look at what Diyled (sponsor on here) has to offer, sure he can sort you out with a good deal, he did for me and his lights are the nuts!!



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