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All I want for xmas is my mrs to get well...

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On 06/01/2019 at 8:28 AM, stu914 said:

This concerns my mrs' health so I thought this is the best place to post...


I have one brother who has been married for over 35 years and I've been with my partner for 12, we are unmarried...


My mother has a property willed to both of us equally and has a clause in her will which states, if my brother passes before her his share will go to his wife,


I have no problem with that, though I have a sneaking suspicion he had some input regarding this.


However he thinks this should not be the same scenario for me as we are unmarried and haven't been together for as long.


I am trying to secure a financial future for the mrs if anything happens to me and am pretty pissed with this arrangement.


I knew nothing about this until yesterday and it strikes me he is angling to grab the whole lot given the chance.


We're seeing a solicitor this week to draw up my will and I'll take their advice regarding this.


The last thing we need right now is any extra stress, moving fecking house is stressful enough as it is,


I'll sacrifice the lot and walk away if necessary, especially if it affects her health.


So how would you tackle this?




my sympathies with this situation m8, sometime times family is a pain in the brain.

i have 2 sisters from same father and a brother from a new relationship after the divorce. then a new stepfather to look after the brother.


my mom called me up and the phonecall went like this:


mom: just to let you know we have done our wills today

me: ok no worries 

mom: me and new stepdad have left of will to your brother because he has no kids and feels like its right thing to do

me: oh ok ! 

mom: yes i think its right thing aswell as you have done alright for yourself and are settled as are your sisters ( brother is a lazy sponger btw )

me: oh ok, what have my sisters said about this?

mom: i aint told them yet , thought i would run it past you first.

me: why did you not run it by me first?

mom: i thought you would object to it.

me: i suggest you let them know aswell

mom: i will do of course


cue 6 year time-lapse and my bro has ripped me off for £2k cash and ripping off mom and stepdad.


me: have you spoke to him about the theft?

mom: no i can't he is nearly 30 now

me: have you spoke to girls about what a cunt he is and that you are still leaving us out the will and he is ripping off your grandkids

mom: no i never told them after you said that?


me = walks away to other end of country and in dave chappelles words " just fuck em thats why"


good luck m8

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Hi stu I hope you and you other half are doing OK, my thoughts and positive vibes go out to yous, I wish I knew more info to help more but I think your doing the right thing keeping her off the high thc levels for now, not the same as your situation but I'm trying to convince my grandpa to give cbd a go for his parkinsons but he's really worried about being stoned and the legality of it all, I've explained cbd is legal but he's a different generation, in time it may be worth experimenting with low thc doses aswell, could even make small scale from a half q just to try it out and see if there's a difference, my only experience was I once made rso for my mates aunt who had cancer and she said it did help with pain and appetite but she didn't like being stoned and gave up taking them once that amount ran out, stay strong mate 

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14 hours ago, itsmeithink said:

good luck m8


Cheers bud, you can't choose your relatives, unfortunately...

I've decided to let sleeping dogs lie for now, saw mum at the weekend and said nothing, neither did she...

Just have to see how it pans out...:yep:


6 hours ago, highlo said:

I'm trying to convince my grandpa to give cbd a go for his parkinsons but he's really worried about being stoned and the legality of it all


It's the legal aspect that frightens older folk, along with the psychosis, reefer madness garbage.

Trouble is you're the grandson and to him you will always be the child but if you show him Jeff Ditchfield's youtube explaining the history and how

it became illegal in the first place...might sway his opinion having the info from elsewhere.



stu  :oldtoker:


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Thanks very much stu that's a good idea, I'll have a look at that, that is what is happening right now at present

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We now have the MRI results and progressive MS has been confirmed which came as no shock,

the " incidental cyst " on her thyroid was a surprise though, they are going to investigate further...


The wills for both of us have been drafted and we'll probably get to sign them next week...

Good job we were sitting down...£660 altogether...ouch! fecking ouch ouch ouch!!!

It's expensive as both wills have to be drawn up along with property being put into trust, so a bit complicated...

You get what you pay for though and while there are certainly cheaper to be had, I didn't want to take the risk and end up with some backstreet shyster.

Slowly getting to grips with the diet, gently gently catchee and all that, it's Nutribullet agogo in this house...:rofl:

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Even though you knew it was on the cards, the confirmation must be a proper kick in the teeth for you both. Hopefully you are both able to try and keep upbeat and not get too down, a positive attitude can sometimes make a big difference in life.


As for the solicitors bill - if you can afford it and it gives you peace of mind it is worth every penny. If you had gone somewhere cheaper it sounds like you would have always had a nagging doubt in the back of your mind. Better to pay more and sleep at night.


Best wishes to you both and hopefully the cyst turns out to be nothing to worry about.

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