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One hit bong vs vape

I have been a long time one hit bong smoker. Usually I smoke out of a disposable 500ml coke bottle with a metal down pipe melted in to the bottle. Don't get me wrong, I have tried expensive one hit bongs and glass pipes and the rest. I recently purchased the Mighty Vaporiser which is meant to be one of the best vapes and I can not fault the device one bit compared to other vapes. The battery life is sufficient for my smoking needs and the level of cleaning is within my acceptable level of effort. Unfortunately my biggest criticism of vaping out of the mighty and vapes in general, is that it seems to require more cannabis than I would usually use. If i compare a vape to a short glass pipe, I think the vape is much more enjoyable because it has no burn taste, only the taste of the cannabis. If I realy want to taste cannabis from now on the only way is through a vape. That being said vapes do make me cough a lot more, I am still unsure why this is, I think it might be the smoke density. There are more benefits for smoking vape, it is convenient when packing a chamber and moving to a different room and smoking it at some point in the future. There is no risk of knocking over a bong and having to carry in a paper with the cannabis on it. Having to clean the metal down pipe vs cleaning the vape is comparable in effort. One requires soaking in a bag of alcohol and washing out, the other requires frequent cleaning with alcohol and cotton buds. The obvious negative of the vape is its sustainability and price. The parts are replaceable and it remains to be seen how economical that turns out to be. The vape is overall cleaner in many ways especially in terms of breathe and transport. 





Best taste

Low effort cleaning

less smell when smoking



Higher cost long term

Uses more cannabis

Having to charge


One hit bong


Lowest cost

low effort cleaning

taste is ok (filtered by water)



-smells and causes bad breathe

-dirty and spill risk

-smells when smoking

-effort to replace 

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Nice review, mate.


Flower or resin through glass water bong smoker here, its a lot better than smoking spliffs for sure but I need to get into vapes and stuff these days.  Growing my own cannabis should certainly help me look more into oils and edibles.  Me lungs am fooked (25 years+ of spliff smoking takes its toll).

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Don't forget about the one hit vapes :fart:


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Not sure why you are using more cannabis in a vape, most people use a lots less when vaping. I went from smoking an ounce every week to vaping a quarter pretty much overnight when I made the switch.

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my Silver Surfer operates as a single hitter through a water pipe, and is very bong-like, which is why I bought it. I'm an ex-bong smoker, and it was a seemless transition from it to vaping. 

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