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There will be green.

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Hi mate lovely dried bud shots there and a good smoke report, can tell you're enjoying the CM. Sounds similar to the auto version in terms of taste and effect, certainly one for the evening for me! All the best :yinyang:

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Nice smoke report @BeardedBeardiae and sounds like you're enjoying the fruits of your labour :yep:


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Great write-up, the Cream Mandarine FV sounds very nice and your pictures of the end result are really good. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the SAD, which I've been curious about the auto version and is on my 'maybe one day' list. The photoperiod looks very nice in your photos :yep:

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It is a little overdue to be fair @delagdo but i have been giving it a very thorough test and comparison :unsure:


Sweet Afgan Delicious S1 harvested @day 72

I can see why they named this strain as they did cos it really is all of the above. It is sweet but not a candy shop type sweet, more of a condensed milk type sweet, nice creamy overtones with a little caramelised sugar. The Afgan part really is prominent and complimented by the sweetness. The furniture polish nose to the bud changes in the grinder to a musky/hashy/skunky pong, which sparks all sorts of memories but when smoked makes the last part of the name. The musky hashyness come through in the taste most of all, and it a taste i am fond of so i find myself reaching for this more often, the smoke is so so smooth. The ash is lovely and white and didnt take much nutes.

This weed is very soothing in its effect,  on the exhale it felt like my heartbeat was slowing down as i breathed out. After 1/2 a j i was glad to have not slipped into a coma and i did feel deeply relaxed. It gets you stoned in a pleasant and gentle way which i find very appealing, although i found it wasn't particularly long lasting. I think i should have flowered this plant for another 7days as she would have done quite happily.  Overall it wasn't quite as strong as the Manderins but still strong, and got you to a similar place by different routes. Has to be said its my favorite smoke out of the three plants.

Vape wise it is pleasant but i dont get the as much of the taste come through than when smoking.


I dont recall the dry weight exactly but around 70/75g.

A very easy plant to grow stayed pretty short and didn't give me any probs.



Just leaves me to thank Sweet Seeds for the opportunity to do this diary and to be part of this huge competition, some awesome prizes all the way down :yep:


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