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My Sweecret laboratory. 5th Sweet Seeds competition grow diary 2018/19

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My Sweecret laboratory. 5th Sweet Seeds competition grow diary 2018/19





Hello all you people out there and welcome to my Sweecret laboratory :)
Sweet seeds have been kind enough to donate to me 3 packs of seeds to grow out in this competition which I am ever grateful for. A big thankyou to Tommy and Jaypp for all the work in running the comp and making it possible :yep:


Here are the strains I will be attempting to get to harvest, with some nice fat smelly flowers hopefully:


Cream 47
I will be growing this because.....I originally wanted to grow the Cream Caramel but when I saw this, crossed with AK47 I thought I'd try for the best of both worlds. I once grew 8 Femaleseeds auto AK outdoors, went on holiday, came back and they'd all rotted so I never did get to try it lol So now at least I'll get a taste of AK and the much talked about Cream Caramel mixed into one. Sounds like a nice balanced 50/50 high from the strain description and that's right up my street for when mates are round.



Crystal Candy F1 fast version
Strawberry chewing gum and candy shop sound good to me, got a bit of a sweet tooth. When I read "It is possible to obtain extractions of exquisite quality and incredibly pleasant aroma from the buds of this plant", well I just couldn't resist. Never grown a fast version yet either so I thought I'd give that a try instead of the original.



Green Poison CBD
Another much talked about strain so I just had to try it, but mixed with CBD on this occasion. Maybe I'll try the original some time. Delicious, intense, sweet fruity aromas all sounds good to me. So does fast flowering and heavy yielding. If it's a heavy yielding strain grown under optimal conditions then I can at least hope for a half decent yield for my efforts.



Sweet Pure CBD
Well my usual grows are 6 plants in a 120 x 120 tent so I would have been growing 2 each of the above strains but I've decided to go with just 4 plants this time, maybe in larger pots and give them a chance to perform better with more breathing space. I thought I'd purchase some high CBD and throw one in there. I'm quite enjoying the fact that THC/CBD mixes and high CBD strains are hitting the market lately. Works wonders for me last thing at night for sleeping.



Equipment, medium and nutrients.

Root riot cubes.
Nursery bags and 2-1/2" starter pots.
1.5L square plastic intermediate pots.
Maybe 6L square plastic 2nd intermediate pot.
9L or 12L fabric pots for finals. If I decide on 12's I'll pot up through the 6's.
Clover MP compost
Canna coco pro
TNC MycorrMax
Bio Bizz Root juice
Shropshire seaweed (not sure where the sea is in Shropshire lol )
Bio silicon
Bio Bizz Fishmix
Bio Bizz Bloom
Epsom salts

Propagation and early veg.

DIY veg cab measuring 60 x 55 x 115

Veg cab
4" RVK extraction with passive ducting from a DIY radiator box with 1800w thermostatic controlled oil filled rad set to 1200w.
6" desk fan for circulation
Large heated propagator with no lid, containing some sand in the bottom for distributing the heat and also for wetting to aid humidity.
Gravel tray with propagation lid.
Dimmable 135w HLG Quantum board V2


Late veg and flower.

120 x 120 x 180 tent in an uninsulated attic room. I've insulated one side in the eaves but the roof and other side are just plaster so I have a duvet and some large bubble bubble wrap draped over the tent roof to keep heat in.
TD Silent 6" 2 speed extraction with 6" Rhino pro filter
Intake from 2 x 4" RVKs into 6" ducting through a y piece and reducers. One from the rad box and one from the veg cab. The one from the veg cab can be slowed to control temps and humidity in both the cab and the tent. This is a recent adjustment to the environmental controls so I'm still testing it's efficiency.
Electric blanket for keeping the roots warm, plugged into an Inkbird thermostat with probe.
Circulating fan is a 3 speed air purifying fan with carbon filter removed and negative ion generator switched off, so basically a 3 speed fan.


What's happened so far

I would normally only propagate for 2 weeks or less in the veg cab, then move into the tent because I find the environment easier to control in there. However, I've made a lot of adjustments to the intake/extraction lately, as mentioned earlier, so that I can grow these in the cab for 4 weeks while my current grow is finishing flowering. I expect a few problems because I need to keep the humidity up in the cab while trying to keep it as low as possible in my tent. I'm going for it though as I can't really wait until the current grow is finished due to other commitments next spring. This grow needs to be finished by the end of March :yep:


So the old prop base was set to 8 of 10 on the dial and the gravel tray placed in on the intake side that draws warm air. 4 root riot plugs, already damp, straight from the bag were placed in their plug tray and the prop lid put on. Board set to about halfway on the dimmer, so about 105w and 32" above the plugs.



30/11 9:30pm
Temps were 24-26 C and humidity 80-99 over 24 hours so now was a good time to get things going. First seed out of each tube was squeeze tested for firmness, pic taken and straight into it's plug, point facing down and about 10mm down and the hole plugged. Prop lid on, sealed at the vents with tape and left 24 hours.



After 24 hours I gave 2ml of water to each plug just to make sure they stayed damp enough.

Here's the panel at 32" above the plugs



Gave the plugs a light misting of root juice to keep the tops moist.


When I see tap roots at the bottom they'll go straight into their nursery bags of Clover mixed with a 1/3rd perlite and a sprinkle of Mycorrmax.


Best of luck to everyone in the comp. I'll update when I see life :yep:









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Forgot to mention my lamps in the flowering tent, not that it's important or owt :wassnnme:

2 x Maxibright 315w CMH in daylight reflectors. I have one 942 daylight bulb and two 930 agro bulbs. Late veg will be under the 942 and flowering will be under that and a 930 or two 930s.

I'll talk about the tent set up in more detail nearer the time when my current grow is down and the tent has been cleaned and ready to use :)

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I'll be first to wish you good luck @jadenugs not that you'll need it, I've seen some of your past grows :thumsup:

 All the best:)

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@jadenugsNice to see you finally start your diary my friend. This will be a quality grow from start to finish.


As usual you are off to a flying start and I wish you good luck in the competition dude.

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All the best of luck with these beans @jadenugs... nice selection there!



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Thanks lads.

It's nice to get started, been itching to get going :)


All seeds had germinated when I checked tonight, Green Poison already up and the other 3 just showing.  So 3 days from going in which is cool.

The temps had been steady between 24 and 26. The RH was showing 79%.


Unfortunately I have damaged one already, which is the CCFV.

When checking for the tap root I lifted the plug out of it's tray.  The root must have been out of the hole and under the tray because it broke off. I didn't expect the roots to be that far out of the plugs tbh, maybe for the GPcbd but not the others.  So lesson learnt when using these, in future I'll lift the tray up to check for roots ;)




You can see where it broke here but there are plenty of hairs on the taproot and hopefully it will be mature enough to survive without too mush stress, we'll see.



So I filled some nursery bags with a compost/perlite mix of 4/1, chucked some MycorrMax in and put them in the prop for an hour or so to warm up.

The bags are great for lifting out and checking the roots without diturbance and for potting on ;)



After an hour or so I potted them up and watered in with 50ml each of Root juice solution at 2ml/L.

They were placed back in the prop with the lid on, tape off and the vent open.



24 hours in there to give the CCFV chance to recover, then I'll remove the lid and place plastic bottle cloches over the individual seedlings to harden them off steadily. I can then start dialling the cab in to try and keep the temps around 25 and wet the sand to get the RH as high as possible without raising it too much in my flower tent. I hope I can strike a nice balance to give them a decent start. If not I'll just have to try and keep them healthy until my current grow is down and then speed them up in the main tent.


Be lucky :v:



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Hi fella :smokin:
Welcome to the 5th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition, 
I hope you enjoy it!


Sweet smokes! 


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Nice start to the diary jadenugs and fingers crossed the CCFV pulls through, good luck with the rest of the grow and comp :yep:

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@Serpent thanks mate, I'm quite hopeful she'll be ok but maybe slowed down a bit. Just a bit concerned because there was no foliage above ground yet.

Can't check until after 7 as my flowering tent is cheapo and leaks light in if I go up there so it's gonna be frustrating for the next few weeks lol I should be able to relax after a week though after the crucial stage :yep:

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A great looking set up and very informative diary. I hope everything runs sweet for you, good luck :) 

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Day 1


Good news :)

When I went up there tonight they were all stood up nicely so I'll call today day 1.


Temps under the prop lid with the vents open had been 19-28, RH was 47.


Here's the Crystal Candy, she hasn't batted an eyelid from the the earlier mishap



Cream 47



Green Poison CBD

Her being first up, she's a bit leggier than the others



Sweet Pure CBD



Group shot. I thought by the looks of them on day 1 they might stretch a bit and get leggy so I've started lowering the lamp already by 2" at a time. The panel is brand new to me so I'll play with the wattage and height until I find the sweet spot, bearing in mind the other plant in the cab.



The prop lid is off now and they have a cloche each. I'll remove them after a day and get the girls used to the cab environment.



I turned the prop base up to 10 earlier when I removed the prop lid and wet the sand with 600ml of water through a fine rose.  I've just been up to check, the temp was 31 and humidity 35% so I've turned the prop back down to 8. I might need to add more water to the sand. The panel is 26" from the top of the GPcbd.

I'm measuring the temps and RH in the base of the gravel tray at the moment so I'll need to organise something to lift it beyond the height of the gravel tray to get a truer reading. I'll do this tomorrow by sitting the hygrometer across the corner of a pot when I've removed the cloches.


That's all for now, thanks for looking and be lucky :yep:


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@jadenugs Nice to see you have four healthy seedlings up above the ground, love the little bottle top hats they are wearing.

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another beautiful start to a beautiful diary ...best of luck jade

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