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Blue Dream cbd, Black Dog, Choc Mint Og! Coco/perlite DTW

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Hello everyone! :skin_up:


First of all, thanks to @HSO-Mark for the beans sent after last run. Sorry if it took so long to start a diary but I had really busy time and this is my first chance. To make you forgive me I just added some more hso strains to the diary. lol

Moved house so I have now more space to work with. I did a small upgrade and changed growing method. 

First time trying coco/perlite with multiple waterings and so far I'm really impressed. 

I'm already in mid flowering stage but I got pics and I'll shortly tell their story. 



Flowering room:

- Room area 4m x 1,5/2m x 2,60m(h)

- Canopy area 2,80m x 1,1m

- 2 x 600w Philips Green Power on large wings reflectors

- Air IN: Vents vk200 890m3h

- Air OUT: Vents vk250 1090m3h

- Can lite filter 1000m3h


- Advanced Nuts: Sensi coco Grow A+B, Bloom A+B, sensizym, Voodoo Juice, B-52, Big Bud, Overdrive.


16 plant per light in 1gal final pots. Coco/perlite 50/50. Watering everyday in veg then upping to 2x and 3x once flowering really started. I've built an automated watering system  following uk420 guide. Two systems , one each light so that i can differentiate nutrient program with different strains. 


Here we go!

- 7th September

I've germinated:

5 x Black dog

5 x Choc Mint og

5 x Raspberry Diesel

Along with some Sweet Seeds strains:

7 x Gorilla girl

7 x Jack 47


I did a big mistake not rinsing the coco brick before use it. This caused half of all seedlings to burn and die. :wallbash: I flushed heavily those still able to recovery with a solution at EC 0,8. After couple of days things started to go smooth again. Here I started watering everyday. Light now is 250w Philips Hpi-t.



Here whats remaining..You can see a dead one on top of this pic. Survivors are:

4 x Choc mint og - Hso

2 x Black dog - Hso

1 x Raspberry diesel - Hso

5 x Gorilla girl - Ss

4 x Jack 47 - Ss

And few more that didnt make it the week after. 


20th-27th September

I decided to put all of them under the same light so I germinated more beans: 18 x Blue Dream CBD

I'll do a cbd pheno hunting to find a nice daytime smoke. 

Here are them on the left. On the right all the others 2-3 weeks old that from now on I'll call "THC mix tray".


This time I bought Top crop coco ready to use and I mixed it 50/50 with perlite. Also upped light at 400w Philips Hpi-t.


6th-10th October

Transplant in final 1gal pots and moved em in the main room under both 600s Green Power. Still hand-watering once a day, EC 1,2. Will do a couple of weeks vegging in this room before flip. 




Right side: Thc mix tray

Left side: Cbd tray


21st October

Fast growth during this couple of weeks. They are almost ready to flip. Setup both automated watering system. Water same as before, once a day at Ec 1,2. 10-20% Run-off.



End of veg time

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24th October

SWITCH 12/12  :bong:

Seeing rapid and healthy growth I flipped the room in flowering mode! I've put a net on them to manage the canopy easier and support branches later on. Keep low ec 1,2 to give them what they need without going over. No sign of deficiencies so far so good. Still going with veg nutrients.

 Week 1 - Day 5thfGk9VdgL_o.jpg




5th November

Week 2 - Day 13th

During the second week they seriously started stretching up to the sky. lol 

Pots were drying really fast so I upped waterings 2x day. I would have kept veg nuts for a lil bit more but I run out sensi grow so i switched to Bloom nutrient program. Still Ec 1,2. 



Thc mix tray



Cbd tray




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Date error
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13th November

Week 3 - Day 21

During 3rd week things went a bit out of control. Stretching is almost over on the right-side thc mix tray, while blue dream cbd's are still going. I needed a second net to manage a more even canopy, but I had no time to put it so I left them go, adjusting with few crops here and there. Also trimmed everything under the net, where no light was reaching. 


Thc mix 



Cbd tray




20th November

Week 4 - Day 28th


At the end of week 4 stretch seems to be over for all of them. Starting to see nice bud development and the odour is getting dank! Hope the filter last till the end of this run. Added another fan to keep a nice air movement all over the room. Upped ec at 1,4 adding a little bit of Big Bud. Also reduced Sensi Bloom A, which is npk 4-0-0, because I've seen leaves too dark and some claws, especially blue dream cbd's. This helped and claws disappeared on most of them. 

Few shots of the THC mix tray





Choc Mint og



Blue Dream cbd tray





Couple different phenos





Thats all for now! Next update will be on real time as its ending week 5 just today. I'll post new pics soon. 




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Going to follow along here, you have some nice strains on the go for sure.


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Nice looking space

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On 29/11/2018 at 7:26 PM, tokenroll said:

Going to follow along here, you have some nice strains on the go for sure.


Welcome on board then! 



On 29/11/2018 at 8:33 PM, uBercaMeL said:

Nice looking space

Cheers uB! :yep:

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I know this grow is far from completed but I do love a diary in a day type format  :yep:


Thanks for getting this up my friend and just in time to watch those buds explode  ;)


This should be a fun flower show. I'll be tagging along to see how this finishes. 


You look set for a very nice harvest in around 4 more week's  ;)


Until the next update  :bong:


Kind regards 



Edited by HSO-Mark
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Hello growerz! 

During week 5 I was feeling pots drying too quickly so I upped waterings at 3x day when lights are on. They are starting to fatten up. Well, blue dreams are going through with no fear, while the right side mixed tray seems to go slower. I think I might have kept them too long in veg for those small pots. Will try different next run. Keep feeding at low ec 1.3, with sensi bloom a+b, sensizym and big bud. 

Group pic



Black dog






Couple different phenos of Blue Dream cbd












Edited by G_lab
Pixeled pics. Now better ones
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@G_lab Fattening up a treat mate :yep:


Some lovely big colas forming. Showing that sativa dominant side and now starting to shimmer with a nice crystal coverage  :bong:


Looking great from this end buddy  :yep:


Keep the updates coming mate as harvest is approaching fast  :bong:


Kind regards 



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WEEK 6-7





Hello Mark and everyone! :skin_up:


Week 6th past without any special change apart from fattening up more. The right side with mixed high-thc plants seems to be ready in a couple weeks so during week 7th I started flushing coco pots with water and sensizym (2ml/l), planning to harvest at end of week 8th, after about 10 days of flushing. Blue Dream cbd's tray look longer, at least one week longer, so I kept feeding them. I've cut base nutrients and now I'm going with just Overdrive and sensizym, both 2ml/l, just to push a lil bit that final bud forming and swelling. Will cut nuts at start of week 8th planning about 2 weeks of flushing and harvest at end of 9th week. We'll see how they go


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Choco mint og




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Black dog




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Blue dream cbd's 




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Different pheno, blue dream cbd

This one is slower and may need more time than the others. Its also a bit more sensitive to the nuts. Its been clawn even with ec 1.0.




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This last pheno is probably the bigger one in terms of weight and those towers are a very nice view as I get inside the room. 





Thats all for now. Time to make another zut! :skin_up:



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