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Cana + Coir + problems

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i get the same thing. after i ph'd and added nutes, I have to wait for the ph to rise, to adjust again the next day. What I do now is lower the ph that I usually would so the ph is perfect when it rises. After a day or so, the ph stabalises and there is not much of a difference in terms of fluctuating ph.

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Well its still not happy, so I will be adding some PK to the water for next watering.


I wanted to check on root production, still very thin roots although a good sign is the new root production is about an inch and a half below the surface where no roots were before, so thats a good sign, however the rest of the symptoms are still progressing, the bottom pair of leaves are definitely ill and not long for them to die.


The leaf tips on the next set of leaves up is progressing and the tips on the set above that are showing signs.


I am still getting mixed signals with the plant saying its water logged by curling, the mix is lightly moist and not overly saturated and has good air and is not tightly packed together so its not hindering roots to progress or for drainage.


The leaf tips point up going brownish and some leaves have brownish spots on the leaves, the stems to the lower leaves are OK but upper leaves stems are showing a reddish colour.

I have ruled out temperature as the temperature I kept an eye on and its a fairly constant temperature, night time is about 5 degrees cooler at the most.

Air exchange is IMHO just fine, The environment is large enough to not over heat and not too big to keep above 20°C and day time is about 5 degrees higher.

I tried a different light for a couple of days, so its not light, that made no difference in growth.


So this next watering that is due in a few days will have a small amount of PK booster added as it really is the last ditch in trying to solve a problem.


The plan is to give it a watering that is around 500ml of feed with a dash of PK booster and CalMag and some Rhizotonic.


I assume that if there is no change in a week that the plant is a lost cause?

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Just to update... 7 fingers.


Watered this morning and seems to be fine, sill issues with the lower leave that are a lost cause.


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Things seem to have settled down since the PK kick I gave the plant.


It had a watering today of plain water and the PH out the other end is spot on.


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