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Driptech Rosin Press

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3 hours ago, Arthur Mix said:

I use cold tiles kept in fridge to aid collection off parchment :oldtoker:


Same, got a granite skillet I use. Some strains will collect best at room temp or straight off the press as they get too brittle and end up pinging everywhere when frozen. Conversely the black cherry punch I pressed was still runny even after a half hour in the freezer!! 

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This is the zombie kush, very gooey. Early buds come out almost white. If I put it in a freezer with the jar open, screw tight then put it in the warm spot above the fridge it makes diamonds and sauce. The terps really seperate out. If I leave it as is then I get this gooey caramel buttery consistency. Its very, very, very strong smelling. Concentrated kush... 



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My bud is a little dry as i was going to sieve it for hash,next time i will just leave it in a bin liner in my out building tends to stay pretty moist there.

Stuff i have at the min is grapefruit diesel lovely strain and a huge yielder of big rock hard buds.

The press is talking to me and telling me to grow black jack again that stuff is just coated with crystal Black dom x jack herer.  There was an even better one from sweet seeds cant rem name tho offhand will have to look.



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