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Hash Pipe

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The pipe I bought is overkill for me (you live and learn). It's overkill because I wanted something I could just, try. By that, I mean, something that allows you 'one hit' and that's it. So not a lot of green in the bowl. Trouble is, the pipe I bought (link below) has a bowl that's just too deep for me, and I'm having trouble controlling the distance from the leaf to the flame. I've bought a screen so I'm only using a little, I'm cornering and using the carb right, but all I'm getting is a really bad burnt taste. The leaf is fine because my mate gave it to me last week and he's using the same stuff. 


Wrong purchase: www.shivaonline.co.uk/shop/pipes---chillums/glass-pipes/products/clear-glass-sherlock-tusk-pipe.html


I need a pipe with a shallow bowl so I can more easily light the stuff without burning it (like I think I'm doing). Flame is only on the stuff for about 1 second but it's still tasting burnt. 


I think I should have bought this: www.grasscity.co.uk/glass-pipe-7.html?___store=uk_en&refSrc=4609&nosto=nosto-page-category2

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Hi SeaJay


You are always going to get the same result with any of these kinds of pipes - i.e a burnt taste. 


If if you are taking a flame to the bud, then the act of drawing air through it when you inhale will make it burn and smoke will go in your lungs. This is what is meant to happen so there’s most likely nothing wrong with your bud or the pipe. If you buy another pipe and do the same thing, I think you will get more smoke in your lungs no matter what size the bowl is. 


Vapourising is is a different thing from smoking, and it happens when heat is applied to or drawn through your bud without it causing any combustion. When you inhale vapour, it won’t taste burnt. In fact it tastes great. 


You are going to struggle to vaporise bud if you are applying a naked flame to it mate. If you want to vaporise it, you will need to buy a vaporiser. 


Have a gander in the vapour heads section of the forum where there’s plenty of chat about different vapes for various budgets. 


Hope this is helpful.







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Hi SeeJay, try OG glass, some really beautiful and amazing looking pipes and bubblers that give a very smooth toke. OG used to have a link on 420 however it seems have disappeared, I got a really nice pipe about 4 years ago from OG and it still gives me a decent toke. Only problem (for me) is that his gallery pictures of the pipes he makes can only be seen on Instagram and I'm a Luddite with this 'stuff'.:oldtoker: Bom Shiva


Just through here->  OG Glass   :yep:

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smelling, oops - 'sPelling'
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Og glass =good product, shite service in my experience.I waited months for the delivery of a teapot bubbler.

.They used to be site sponsors, but aint any longer.

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Thanks all for the replies.


I guess it makes sense that if I'm going to burn plant material and inhale it - it'll taste burnt, and I shouldn't be surprised. What did surprise me though, was how burnt it tasted. I've heard folk say the bud tastes really nice. I think I'm getting the hang of it though because the last toke, I definitely tasted a bit of bud. Nice too. Also tasted burnt - but also definitely tasted bud. 


OG are the same the guys that make the shire pipe. I was looking at that the other day. Being into roleplaying games and a fan of Middle Earth, that might be the one I go for. I'm new to all this so the plan is to first try a little weed via a pipe, and if I like it, buy a Ghost MV1 vapouriser. Or similar. Which brings up another issue I'm having. I'm not sure the weed is affecting me - at all. 


I watched my friend pack his little 3" metal pipe last Saturday. He literally used about three or four small flakes (the bowl is atop the stem and is quite small). I remember looking at it and thinking "Great! This stuff is going to last," because he used so little of it. Anyway, the last three evenings I've built up to probably more than twice that amount (but it's still a laughably small amount - but what do I know), and I'm feeling nothing. My friend, on the other hand, got quite stoned with the quantity he used. 


I'm cornering it and everything and I'm using the carb correctly. The flame is on the leaf for about a second, two seconds max, but probably one second. I've been on Youtube, watched it done, and far as I can tell, I'm doing it right. Perhaps it is because we all have different tolerances. Two things I'll try tomorrow evening; watch how long I hold the flame to the leaf and take a bigger inhalation. 

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Smoke more.

Fill your bowl more, take bigger hits and hold them. Don't worry about burnt tastes, just get the flame on it, draw, hold, exhale. You should get battered, and maybe cough a bit. If that's not getting you high the weed is shit.

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