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The Best Games to Play While Stoned! [2018]

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Another Mario Karts fan here, i play lots online with the same UK guys n girls most weeks, the same players iv'e played for a few years now. I suspect many more players will be online playing the Switch version as it was promoted better than the Wii u. Nothing like a few hous karting with headphones on and a nice fat spliff. So much flexibility to do stunts and tricks, the combinations are endless, no two games are ever the same. Love it as much now as i ever have.

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Thinking about old-school games now.


Nostalgia buzz lol


When I first started playing video games. Down the arcade.


Spy Hunter, Paperboy, Gauntlet (man Gauntlet was a robbing piece of shit, on a timer, health goes down, only way to beat it is to put more money in).


But I cut my gaming teeth on those games.


My first gaming triumph was completing Shinobi on one credit. Took me about 6 months of trying, but eventually I completed it on one credit.


Completed a few others. I did Ghosts N Goblins on 1 credit, all the way to the end then go back and do the second bit again :headpain: People think Dark Souls is hard lol No, arcade games were fucking hard lol


E2A The arcade game rule for me and my mates was you don't continue. You die, you start again.



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Something where I can sit and think :D Loads of cool old school point and click adventure games that I love playing high.


If you've never played Grim Fandango before, pick up it and prepare for a very enjoyable game to play stoned.

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I remember those old sega games on arcade screens .A WWF game looked good on screen with players roaming around ,lifting and throwing one another. Knowing which buttons to hit ,in a sequence or just as fast as possible sometimes kept you in the game . 

I never finished games in an arcade .Adults told me to stay out of there ,there's drugs in there so that was sort of appealing . The owner turned a blind eye to kids skipping school ,smoking cigarettes ,and the smell of soap bar in the snooker hall . Ghouls and ghosts was good ,lots of levels . 

There was a hell of a lot of glitches with games though .Wiith Mario Bros 1 ,when you jumped the flag pole at the end of the level ,if you went too high you'd be caught in a loop ,the clock ticks down and you'd die . Sonic the hedgehog froze a lot ,or the machine overheated .  

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Frogger on the old Atari back in the day....used to completely lose myself in that game. Few levels, Dead rinse and repeat....for hours on end lol.

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the Witcher 3 is a great game to lose yourself in wile stoned, I still pop back to Witcher 3, I just cant bring my self to uninstall it ..   I cant play competitive stuff stoned because I find myself over thinking things.. like did I lose that because I'm stoned..

back in the day we smoked a tone of hash and weed to games like street fighter .. or all sitting around chatting wile playing the resident evils on the playstation 1.. those was the days any non smoker would be walking out the room stoned as you like lol 

it used to crack me up because my mates dad would pop up to the room for what ever reason.. knock on the door first.. joints would have to be hidden in the ash trey out of site then  when he went all the joints come back out.. but wile he was standing there chatting to us.. he's standing in a great hash cloud lol.. I guess it was respectful to keep the joints from his eyes..  

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Posted (edited)

Crash Team Racing has just been re vamped and released, not only for the PS but Switch too. Its not as good as Mario Karts imo and still doesn't justify me buying a Switch, for crash or MK8. Still having fun playing Super Smash bros and MK on the wii u.


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Read Dead 2, gonna take me forever to complete it.

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