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low lying flatland OPEN FIELD growing

So with security being a major concern for us guerrilla growers , we try and grow in places where the public will not venture, this means growing in bushes, brambles , in mountain forests etc. But doing this is counter productive in regards to maximum sun exposure, especially on higher ground where the sun drops in its angle in the sky sooner than lower lying areas , this coupled with surrounding trees or shrubs causes even more shadow cast , which creates a mould factory on our beloved ladies. I wonder how many of you grow on low lying sea level altitude plots open field style for maximum sun , and what kind of methods can be used for protection against wind burn, security etc. and site selection,  old unused farmer fields on soil rotations spring to mind, has anyone here have experience with true open field growing ? Im sick to death with mould and lack of sun hiding in ditches and high elevation mountain areas. also growing near rivers seems to also promote mould although ive read it helps regulate the air temperatures but that wont matter if it raises RH to the levels it seems to do, growing on varied topography seems to be harder on the girls than an open field setup , anyone with experience with this please input with some tips and tricks against wind burn protection as that must be a serious issue , ive seen photos of seriously effective open field setups but how they plants do not dry up from wind burn and stress to bits is beyond my understanding 

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If farmers are using those spaces to grow crops I recon it'd be alright for what you need. I personally wouldn't worry about strong winds, I'd just tie em' low.

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