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Strange Problem With Seedling Not Developing


I bought some zkittlez(growers choice) and larry bird(zamnesia) seeds from Zamnesia.
I did my usual paper towel germination method after the seeds popped I put them in solo cups with biobizz coco + maxibloom and 1ml/L liquid seaweed ec 0.8-0.9 and pH 5.8.

Only 2 of 5 zkittles seeds popped and the 2 looked like in the pic. I removed the helmet myself but after that they didn't develop they stayed close. I don't understand what the problem is the larry bird seeds sprouted fine and are growing fast so it can't be the medium or nutes.

I never had such a problem are the seeds bad ?large.IMG_1128.jpg

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they may still have some of the seed membrane attached which is keeping them closed, try spraying a little water on them to soften it up and very carefully see if there is still some attached. 

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Ill try this thanks!

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no problem mate hope it helps, it does look like the membrane is still attached from close look of the picture. 

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