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How I might have solved my some kinda pest issue- probably broad, russet or cyclamen mite

  Last year I started to see some strange twisted leaf growth .

This was after a 6 month break.

Curling and taco-ing  Clones were 8 weeks old and not yet in flower.

Happens pretty much overnight and 3 days later it looks awful.


Switched to flower and there was NO bud growth only lumps.

I took photos to the local shop and theysaid they had no idea what it was but doubted it was broad mite or the like. but they knew i was fooked and laughed at how bad the buds were ! (they saw top 2 photos )

No sign of pests using 100x and 400x microscope

Binned them , started again with brought in 4 week clones  after sterilising entire area. Roots looked ok.


Got some nematodes for coco and predators for thrips as expert  who worked for shop selling predators and nematodes thought maybe it was a virus caused by thrips.

started again from seed. Also got some mite predators just in case . Used in both veg and flower room .

Again all fab until they were 4 weeks into flower   - again twisted leaves,  larger buds but reduced yield compared to normal and hermie seeding starting a week before end.Roots looked fine.


Next try- started from seed and again same issue 7-8 week later  Got more thrip predators but not mite predators this time- Twisted leaves  and end result  some good  buds but  decreased yield and  major hermied in final 2 weeks. So many seeds. incredible. Worst result  out of the 3

Roots looked good and white but somewhat less rootage  than i normally see.


I decided it must be some kind of mite but have never seen anything under the microscope despite searching and searching.

4th attempt.

bug bombed before popping seeds.

sterilised everything and used mite predator andersonii

again just before flowering -same problem starting.

Sprayed in an angry panic with systemic cypermethrin product called 'deep clean'


3 days later leaf growth back to normal and buds forming fine by end of that week

2 weeks later started seeing it again but minimally 

cannot use cypermethrin again as now in flower.


opted for Nuke-em by Flying Skull. with spreading agent.

safe for flower stage and even a day after using predators can be introduced.

I cannot introduce mite predators as the original cypermethrin spray can last 5 weeks systemically so i might be killing predators   and bad mites

Sprayed day 1, 3 and 10.

leaf growth back to normal , buds forming but 3-4 weeks into flower and only one plant looks ike it is 3-4 weeks into flower and the other have some catch up to do

Sprayed again a week later and again 5 days after that at lights out

I am now  5 weeks into flower and so far it has been kept at bay .

Plants  at back look like they are 5 weeks in flower and 4 weeks in flower  respectively and the plants in the front look only 3 weeks in flower!

4-5 weeks after original cypermethrin spray and 2 days after last 'Nuke'em spray I introduced double the amount of sachets needed of andersonii predato


Its been 2 weeks since then all all is looking fine...no sign of leaf issues and malformation of buds.

Theoretically I should only have a week left  and should have just started flushing but i can see that the most mature plant can wait another week and the least mature plant needs another 3 weeks minimum  BUT all is looking good for the bud formation despite it  slowing.

I will update here over the next 3-4 weeks as to yield and growth and of course whether it starts seeding again in the final week or so.

I do feel as though whatever it was I got on top of it but will probably have to keep on top of it with predator mites ad infinitum.


However I have allowed the possibility that i will need to strip everything out and start again with all new kit and utterly clean the entire room.

I will make that decision after the next round as new plants 5 weeks since seed are in veg room. The issue seems to start round about 6-8 weeks whether clone or seed  and when i brought clones in that were already 4 weeks old i did better.


I have seen very little using the search function on this forum under any kind of mite. I could entertain  the possibility of TMV but I don't think it is.












Edited by dastardlyandmutley
inserting photos

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I was plagued by bugs for about 5 years maybe more, I kept on top of them and still managed get a decent result, attention deficit is a bugger but finaly I got to grips, root aphids were my worse enemy so I got fabric pots stopped them getting in the bottom, then I spread sand over the top they were eradicated within 3 weeks, had aphids on the leaves so I got a power spray 2 hits wirg sbpi they were gone, reading about aphids both they and spider mites can hibernate a long time and i'm sure I was bringing them in on cheap compost. so all you need is fabric pots a good power spray and some sand and you will never be troubled with bugs again.

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I don't have any attention deficit- I've been 'on it' since the first dreadful realisation but it has been hard figuring out what it is in the absence of microscope evidence.

I am glad you have reassured me that keeping on top can mean it will be ok going forward. I know if it is mites they are hellava hard to ever really totally get rid off so i will put in an order for andersonnii with dragonfli every 4 weeks and keep using Nuke'em when needed.

I have diatomaceous earth on the top of my coco pots .

dealt with powdery mildew and spider mite in the past and that was a dawdle in comparison to this.

Any kind of mite can hibernate a long time.

SPBI may  not do it for braod russet or cyclamen mite.

In the uk , one place sells Nuke-em and there is quite a bit of research on this product and mites both on that webpage and the manufacturers webpage.

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Thrips spread TMV ,and the necrosis on your leaves looks to turn up rather than curl down so it may not be mites . However it's odd  ,having treated them like you did and there still seems to be an issue . Have you tried abamectin, ivermectin or hackers mectin ? 

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I just had spider mites and it took me a month to finish them off. 


I find it strange you haven’t seen any mites or similar crawling around.


The first sign I got, speckled leaves on the main fan leaves. I put that down to nutrients prob being a tad high.


Then the same leaves went rusty. At this point I did a quick google search and quickly got a suggestion of mites. 


I cut a fan leaf off, got the loupe out and was horrified to see a crawling mass of little shits.


I then put the leaf under a microscope and some were translucent with 2 black dots. Some were pure black. 


Also, when mist spraying on the lower stems and main stalk, the mist would stick to their webs and show them up. 


I just find it strange you haven’t seen them. It’s not difficult to find them if you have mites. 



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defo not spider mites. so no  webs.

Michael the necrosis was not widespread but the leaves curling in on themselves was and that is also a symptom of mites.

The mites I am talking about are tiny not like spider mites.

So there is no sprayy that can help with a virus if it is TMV and I have been very careful about any cross contamination.

Also no mottoling ; as in 'mosaic' looking damage

everything else in my groom is dialed in so its not a common cause.

Obviously that first few days I thought calmag deficiency or ph wrong

Also the spraying has helped again turning my attention away from viral.

I will only really know more in the last week as then ii will see if the stress causes  seeding or a massive decrease in what i expect to yield.

at this point willing to pay an entymologist or microbiologist for a diagnosis



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