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Sorry for the lack of the earlier mentioned update, time just got away from me and there was not enough to go around !

Having looked at the ladies yesterday and to see a few spider mite webs appearing again I have decided to crop.


Right now, it is all down, I have just spent the entirety of today cropping.  It is all hanging in a great big multi tier hanging drying net with the project room all to itself in darkness and the extraction on.


Now to just let them slow dry.....


In the meantime I will be getting a 10kg block of dry ice and shaking out all the trim to make a nice lump of fresh hashish.......hoping to do this tomorrow or the day after, will phone up the company and see when they can do a delivery :D


I have many photos to process and get uploaded....won't happen tonight as am nackered.  Smoking and cropping is a tough days efforts !


Back shortly with lots of photos before chop and also some of the finished product.


Happy smokes in the meantime,


Insp :smokin:

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Nice one on the chop @Inspiration101 and hopefully you got them in time before the mites got out of hand :yep:

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What a bad luck with spiders! :furious:

In the video, they looked very good. By the way, very good timelapse!


Sweet smokes!


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@Serpent @Sweet Seeds Apolo Thanks guys, just about dodged the mites destroying the hard work :)


On with the update.....


So I chopped the Cream Manderine's first, they are already dry and in a brown paper bag now.  The top 1/3 was rock solid, the rest of the buds were a little airy:




The Cream Caramel could have gone for another week, but alas the spider mites wanted to thrive and I could not risk the possibility of bud rot and extra meat rations in my smoking material :D


Once again rock solid buds throughout the four ladies, very little down the bottom was airy.  Quick and easy to trim as a good ratio of bud to leaf:




On this Cream Caramel you can see the spider mites web........this was the final straw:




On to the San Fernando Lemon Kush, definitely Lemon in there, smelt it a few times and made me smile.


These four ladies, whilst cropping, it became obvious pretty fast, they are heavy bud yielders.  Lots of long big sticks of buds, densely packed, sticky as fuc*, and lemony ! :




Next up will be some photos of the end dried buds, plus a weight in to see what the final yield was.


I made a lovely piece of fingerhash from all the trimmings, wearing disposable gloves, putting in the freezer for 15 minutes then smoothing off the hash in one firm movement....photos to come next update of course ! :D


As a surprise, I will say right now - I have 3 clones from my favourite Cream Caramel, plus a clone from a Cream Manderine, and I have also four Crystal Candy a week old out of the soil...... Game on for another Sweet Seeds project !!!


Until my next update in a handful of days - Keep it safe and sweet smokes all :punk:

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A week later, everything has been dried, trimmed, bagged and then weighed. 


I have also re-arranged the shed and cleaned everything out in preparation for the next round of Sweet Seeds ladies - Which are well underway :)


No mass amounts of photos today, I will put in some time tomorrow and see what close ups of the bags of buds are worthy of posting.


This is a KISS project, Keep It Simple Stupid, as such, all I used was very basic things : 




Ecothive Charge also, the bottles of BioBizz are sat on top of it ;)


From the above, four months of growing under a 125w CFL, then a 400w (two of them) slyvania dual spectrum bulb, we have many bags of finished and dried flowers:




The results are in: 


Cream Manderine 1 & 2 : 77.9
Cream Caramel 1 : 47
Cream Caramel 2 : 46
Cream Caramel 3 : 53.4
Cream Caramel 4 : 51.7
San Fernando Lemon Kush 1 : 60.3
San Fernando Lemon Kush 2 : 49.5
San Fernando Lemon Kush 3 : 66.4
San Fernando Lemon Kush 4 : 49


Total : 501.2g


I have had a good smoke of some buds along the way so could probably say the total was nearer 514g, plus I am not including the Cream Devils bounty which would easily add another 40g. ;)


All in all a very good haul.  I used 125-400w of light for the first 6 weeks, and 800w of light for the last 12 weeks.   Well on course for around 0.75 grams per watt of lighting.  Pretty awesome for an organic grow yea ? :D


There was definitely room for improvement, the bugs <spidermites> aka <The Borg> are bound to have held things back a little.  The feed schedule I used is not even half the range recommended by BioBizz, maybe it is snake oil, maybe I should use it all and see what results I get ? Will I get considerably more by following their feeding schedule ? I may well try.


I think I have the temperature and airflow pretty much spot on, the plants have thrived and finished well.  Because of this I now have 3 Cream Caramel clones growing and topped, 10 more just put in to root yesterday, plus a Cream Manderine clone, and also 4 new Crystal Candy seedlings over a week old now...................More to follow tomorrow !  :smokin:  :punk:  :hippy:




Edited by Inspiration101
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Nice haul @Inspiration101 enjoy your smokes and sounds like you're well on the way with your next grow so good luck with that :yep:

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@Serpent Thanks, I sure am, just took some more shots and decided on Cream Caramel bag number 2 is my favourite of them all :D

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Today I have taken some shots from a few of the bags, they are now packed away to cure.


Cream Manderine : 




Cream Caramel : 



San Fernando Lemon Kush: 




Having 9 bags of this it seemed silly to take photos of them all, you get the idea though :D


I now how a fresh grow underway, 3 large pots with topped Cream Caramel clones, 1 Cream Manderine clone, 4 Crystal Candy straight from seeds, plus 10 more Cream Caramel clones in a big tupperware pot hoping they root: 




I have yet to do my dry ice run, in the meantime I wish you all happy growing, cropping and smoking - Keep it sweet and keep it safe :smokin:


Insp :hippy:

Edited by Inspiration101
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On 5/7/2019 at 10:53 AM, Serpent said:

Nice buds @Inspiration101 :smokin:


Cheers, yea there are some right crackers in there :D

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Logged in today  and saw I came 2nd place for Grower of the Month within this competition - Yay me :D


Today I also leave the country for just over a week n a half with the wife for a well earned time on a hot beach.


I have an ongoing grow so have just heavily watered the ladies in oversized pots, covered with straw, turned the light down from 400w to 250w - And lets see what I come back to ! 


Either desert style death OR a lush green expanse.........we will see :D


I have set up my camera in there to take a photo every 12 minutes for the next 12 days - I think the battery will just about last and it should make for an interesting time lapse.


Here is a quick photo of the set up, wish me luck: 




Until I return at the end of the month I wish you all happy, sweet and safe smokes.

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Nice haul of cracking buds. Good luck with the next lot :yep:

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No recent update as had bad news - My dad had a road accident and is in intensive care.  More broken bones than not.  It is still touch n go and I am 250 miles from home this past week and I guess it will be another week before I get home.


I hope to put in an update before competition end in the form of a video but if I don't manage to get that done, can the judges please select a video from my thread here ?


@Sweet Seeds -Jaypp-Jaypp

@Sweet Seeds ApoloApolo

@Sweet Seeds-tommy


Many thanks,



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Relaxing after a long day at the hospital : 


San Fernando Lemon Kush :smokin:



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Wishing your dad a speedy recovery dude, nice chunky buds there.

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