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Tweaked house and garden schedule

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@teehee Hey man cheer’s for the reply, I think canna boost is more a sugar based additive more along the lines of BudXL...

I was having probs with my girls being late finishers, all was running a week or two longer then predicted, what you just told me abt the Top Shooter taking the plants longer in flower and never really looking finished is making perfect sense...


An as you say it really affects the EC meaning little to no a&b, I think I will stop using it an see how things go. The reason I was asking abt Canna Boost is I have a full bottle of it sitting here unused...


Since I was only using it at 0.5ml/1L the foxtailing wasn’t so bad, I was just trying to swell the buds, but it still made the plant flower longer, an always having white pistils...

I will look more into what I could use instead off the Top Shooter, more like what ur doing...

I just noticed this is in the hydro section an I’m in soil, so maybe I could try adding bat guano at week 5-6 instead of TS...

Cheer’s dude...

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Hi there Teehee, I’ve been following your posts about house & garden for awhile now, & love the outcome of your grows!

I am just about to make the switch to house & garden nutrients & I want to run your full nutrient schedule posted earlier, Also using the additives from AN however according to your latest post you only use half the amount of nutrients.

I would be very interested in checking out one of your latest feed charts,

& looking back can you see top shooter being beneficial in any way?


Kind Regards.

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