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The Sweetest Thing, The 5th Sweetseeds Competion Grow 2018/19

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6 hours ago, Smokebelch said:

@ratdog All is looking good in your garden dude, they are filling that space out nicely. As people have commented above that compost looks like it’s a winner, the roots look amazing.


Keep up the good work dude.



Hello bud, thanks, the compost is very nice and looks like they are thriving in that, so it looks like it`s my new `goto` compost for next year now. Cheers :)


I`ve had another session of bondage with the girls today, and hopefully the flowers in the other room will be ready in the coming week, they are at 8 weeks today. Then they will all have some room to spread out properly.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone :)

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