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Starting my first DWC

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Hi bud,


If you look closely you will see some fresh roots just starting to come out of the mesh pot, all is not lost..........

I think there is still a chance it could pull through, make sure that gap under the pot is about 4 inches.....

You could try dosing the roots with diluted hydrogen peroxide (oxyplus) which should kill off any rot, ratio about 5-1 dilution

BTW the reason the leaves are hanging is because there's not a large enough root structure to support them yet, I would remove the bottom couple of leaves at this point.

if you look at the very centre of the plant at the top the smaller leaves are perky,


hang in there a bit longer mate......:yep:


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As i mentioned before, patience and me are not big friends.

Allready cut her down and started to germinate a new seed.

But i DO appreciate all advices giving to me here.

I will try to take it more slow in the future ;)

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