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the lone deranger

Blue Kush Berry

Hi all.


A while ago, i was lucky enough to win, or maybe i came third? in the chong's choice comp :band:



Me, being me, I didn't realise that we would get a selection of all three strains as the prize, and asked for/insisted on having BKB :doh:  fortunatly, they were kind enough to send me extra, so i still got 12 or so seeds lol (I'm an idiot lol  ) But it all turned out well because these Blue Kush Berrie's are looking lovely :yes:


Thought it would only be right to show some pic's.


Thanks again to all involved  :yep:


Blue Kush Berry @ 9weeks


















These all happily grew themselves, quite happy on fishmix and a bit of bloom.


They all look just like the pic's on the packet and in the catalogue, but with nice subtle differences to each plant. One in particular smells very, very berry/fruity and i get a proper whiff every time i open the tent :yep: Another had very weak stems and every bud needed support (not just because of the fat buds on the end of them lol ). Not a problem, but made me smile seeing them all drooped over. 


About 9 weeks in, they'll be coming down soon. I'll be back with some sort of smoke report.


Nice one



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They look smashing mucker,nice one

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A big bushy Blue Kush Berry @ 40 days 




Looking forward to these 



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