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Some questions about T5 lighting

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1 hour ago, Rampa Green said:

Nice one @Lancaster8

im yet to upgrade, but intend to ASAP.

still on mh and hps lamps.  Good enough for now.  But enviously of your new light.  

You should produce some exellent cannabinoids  with it.  All the best


Oh dear - feel bad now.  If I was rich I'd buy you a set-up.  In reality though, I had to use credit myself!  I will spend anything on my plants as they are so important to me - whether  can afford it or not! My one single plant in flower

is under HPS and is doing very well.  I will interrupt it when the new lighting arrives and it can finish under that instead. It will be so interesting to see what difference it makes in the long term.  


Cheers buddy!

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don’t feel bad, I’m hardly poor. Well actually I do feel poor, but the rest of my family seem to be richer for spending it all for me lol.  

    Cmh will be my next upgrade, it does seem to add an extra something to the flavour and high.

i think you will be happy with your new toy.  

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On 9/14/2018 at 10:26 AM, Lancaster8 said:

I also found on one electrical wholesaler's website - the following information. I never knew this myself, so I daresay other people might also find it useful maybe...


827 = Extra warm white

830 = Warm white

835 = Standard white

840 = Cool white

865 = Day light

I was always mystified about all these different "whites" as without the code number they are pretty meaningless.


I was amazed how cheap they are if you lose "hydroponics" from your search.


A popular auction site and others have the tubes v cheap.

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@MilfSlayer  Yes you are right.  If something is generic, non-hydro searches work better.  However most bulbs & tubes can be obtained very cheaply from local electrical wholesalers - with less chance of breakage.  It is amazing what they hold locally and if they haven't got something specialist, I am sure they can get it.

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