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Billys tree house

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Hello my fellow stoners, how are we today?

Good, im glad to hear it!


Well im back with another diary. 

Dinafem Mark very kindly gave me some seeds to grow out earlier in the year (purps#1 and purps moby dick).

Due to my own stupidity and a cheap shite EC pen, I ended up pulling them in a rage. I had a few seeds left which I planted, but also had to pull, due to a security scare, and the fact that my set up wasn't set up all that well.


So I decided to do it properly, and start from scratch. First I built a big fuck off room to house my new prisoners/victims plants  er plants. 

Because I had previously promised Mark I would do a diary, I felt that I had unfinished business with the mobys, so went out and spent my own cash on a replacement purple moby beans......I know...…..the extravagance, but needs must.

While I was at that I also decided to run some of my old favourite Super lemon hazes (I will try not to include them in this diary, but ive got to show you something later on …...no …..not that.....some plants.)


So to my set up.

Room is approx. 2.4 metres wide by 4.2 m long, ceilings are 2.4 high 

For these I will be using my newly constructed RDWC system, built from 60 litre totes, 40mm returns and 22mm top spray bars

Its all run from a hailea HX 8840, which, to be perfectly honest is a bit on the small side, but it was cheap.

Ive supplemented this poxy pump with a hailea airpump, with 1 stone per pot. 

The air stones aren't really needed, but I thought it would get them going in early veg. 

Ive ordered a chiller, as the temps are too high in the rdwc, its getting delivered today.large_wk11.jpg

Mobys on the left, not so super lemons on the right, its chalk and cheese. 



for the super lemons they are in 4x mega bubblers (60litre) , with 2 stones per pot run off a hailea 60l/min  pump

Ive got 4x lumii digita 600w dimmable ballasts with adjustawing shades, run off a timer box.

RVK 8 inch A1 intake, 2x 12 inch RVK outtakes, both controlled from variac controllers. one runs at a pre set 50%, the other ramps up and down according to temps.

Humidifier and dehumidifier when needed

2 oscillating fans

Ionic nutrients, bluelab truncheon and ph meter, ph down all the usual shit, you know.


Anyway the seeds were cracked, all the dinafem stuff cracked and were transplanted in to root it cubes, and into the propo with a scoosh every morning and night to keep them alive. they were in here for a week,The Dinafem stuff got out of the cubes in a day and started to reach for the lights, great stuff.

while I tried to get the greenhouse seeds  super crap lemons to germ. I eventually managed to get 5 of them, out of a 10 pack of seeds , to crack. one went into the cube and refused to do anything, at all.

They eventually broke the surface, by the time the Mobys were needing into the net pots. I held them back a week till the not so super lemons tried to catch up. I eventually decided to get them into the room, after trying it out for a day or two to check temps etc.  Temps were too high with the lights at 600, so ive had to turn them down to 400 till my air cooled hoods arrive (and yes, I know air cooled hoods are generally crap, but needs must.

At 400w the fans are sitting on idle, which is great for outside noise, and the way I want to keep it.

SO they have now been in the room for 10 days, and ive just topped the mobys at 4 nodes, so they will probably take a few days to recover before going for it again.. So far they look great, apart from a little fan burn, and are very consistant in size and development.

As for the Not so super lemons, well, have a look, they are all different sizes, with 2 underdeveloped runts, which I will give another week or so, and if they don't start growing properly, they will be seeing the compost bin. neeedless to say, I should have gone with the quick Kush instead of these bloody things, but hopefully 2 of them will provide some decent smoke. I wont be doing them again tho, im fairly sure of that, just look at them, they look pathetic compared to the mobys.


Enough of my drivel, heres some pics, of the mobys, they look pretty much identical pheno wise, so far, which is nice. These are in flood and drain net pots, big 10 inch jobs, with a nice flat rim, so they wont topple when they get big, which should help.



And the not so super lemons, looking all over the place. the 2nd and 3rd ones looks decidedly ill to me. oh well, too late to start more, i'll just put up with it.


these are in 200mm nets so they are at least 1/3rd smaller than the mobys. 

Currently being fed at 0.5ec, ph is 5.7

Last week they were started at 0.4ec, ph 5.8.


So let the journey begin...………………………...


And the award for the longest opening post goes to...……..me.

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some spray bar action and obligatory root shots, not much to see, but they are in the nutes so should take off soonish.It doesn't look like much, but this will provide way more than enough DO for the plants to grow and flourish in. Ive also got flooms in the res, which will also provide more DO than a maxijet 1000l large_GR11.jpglarge_GR12.jpglarge_GR10.jpg pump


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Very nice set up dude, good luck with Purps and PMD.

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Nice to see the set up in action  :yep: 


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quality m8 looking forward to this :skin_up:

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Bad ass setup you got going there 


Going to get comfortable for this one 

Best of luck .

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Just read your build diary, now in here... I'm pulling up a chair and watching with eager anticipation! 


Also I will be pestering you for building advice when I move into the garage next year haha



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looking spot on that new room mate. flooming is gonna keep lots of air in the water,:yinyang: all the best with the grow:yep:

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Wonderful to see,ATB mate.

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looks the part impressive set up good luck with it

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Good to see you all set up again dude, and a grand set up it is too :)

What a difference in the purple mobys and the haze!


Good luck with the grow :yep:

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Looks a proper job this...subbed and good luck with it all :yep: 

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Thank you for the kind words .

Today was exactly 2 weeks since they were put in the systems and res change day, what a bloody palaver. 

I usually change out at about  7-10 days, but its not crucial with the first fill, and a bit of a waste of nutes, so I leave them 2 weeks

.I didn't have a hose long enough to get from the bubblers to the outside drain, but I did have one long enough to go from the rdwc res to the drain, so.....so I ended up emptying the rdwc, filling it again from the bubblers, then emptying it again. 

As if that wasn't bad enough all I had was a poxy little 500l pump, so it took about 2 hours. Never mind, its done now, and I just finished filling the last of the bubblers as lights went out. 


Ive dosed them up to 0.5 EC/ 5.7 Ph and will leave them an hour or two before re-checking the EC and PH.

Made up of silicone and Ionic grow. Nothing else is needed.

The water temperature effects the readings, despite the pens saying they compensate for this, so I will know what they are actually on once the water temps rise and the lights have been on for a few hours to heat it up. 

Its never far off, but there is a difference, ive noticed. 


I will post some pics up later, so far I have topped them all. I took one of the mobys down another node today when I realised id nipped off the new side shoot when I topped it last Friday, that'll teach me for not wearing the specs. They have barely stretched outa the net pots, which is  fine with me. I know they will eventually get vertical


Overall apart from a small bit of leaf twist caused by fan burn the mobys are looking great, all healthy specimens with very little phenotype variation.

These would be great in a SOG, or even a scrog, I reckon (Hmmmm, ideas...)


The lemons were topped today too, well 2 of them, the other 2 are looking pretty grim. I reckon 1 will scrape through, but the other one is drinking at the last chance saloon :/ 

Im really disappointed with the super lemons, they are usually solid, but this lot are pretty crap, to be honest. 

Im kinda wishing I had tried out the quick kush instead, but that's life .

Pics will follow when the lights go back on. 

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What a setup man. Awesome! I’ll be tagging along and taking notes :bong:

All the best for the grow

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Thanks man. Well ive got some pics , and im a great believer in showing the lot, warts and all, so I will get the painful bit out of the way first.

Heres the non super lemons, starting with el compost, as ive christened her, as that's where she will end up im guessing.large.slhw2.jpg

it looks like its either been overfed, screwed up Ph or too much silicone, but none of the above apply, its just a shit plant. I was feeding her at 0.4EC, Ph was 5.7, res temps around 21, and RH and temps in room have been 27/28 degrees and around 40% RH, even with the humidifier. 

Another SLH next then one that looks almost normal. If anyone has any diagnosis for the pic below, with the strange leaf discolouration, then im all ears.large.slhw21.jpglarge.slhw23.jpg

And now on to the mobys, At least they are doing well lol. 

they look nice and healthy, with zero issues, as it should be. 

You can see how much they have grown in the past 4 days since my last update.

re-set the res PH and EC, and now we have 0.5 EC and 5.8 PH.


These should bounce back from their topping sesh, and hopefully double in size over the next week or so. 

there are much more roots now, into the nutes so it should be ready for them to fly.


Im planning updating this weekly, so if anyone has any good ideas on whats causing the super lemon issues, let me know, because im stumped.

I re-set the 2 poor super lemons to 0.4 ec 5.6 Ph, so will see if they start playing the game or if its tree time for the other 2.


See ya next week

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