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I will do an update in my diary at some point, but I thought Id say a few things about the ESB here......First as my diary shows, a fair bit went wrong, spidermites, fungus gnats, high temps at times and probably worse of all some sort of nute issue that I never really fully got to the bottom of.   The ESB suffered with the nutes issue much more than the GD.   


Of the 4 ESB two were very similar, finishing in 79 days, both big strong plants, with a very tropical sativa look.   A third was also similar, but much weaker growing, and  developed some blue colouring.   The final pheno was very different, a real berry smell much denser buds, it looked liked it more of the skunk and blueberry influence than the Nigrerian.


That last pheno did really well, I dont think any of the issues really set her back...the other three, I dont think I got anything like their full  potential.   In terms of yield, I dont weigh my final produce, but not bad at all, and would have been pretty good without the issues.


Taste, its not a big deal for me, but all have more flavour than the GD or anything else I have smoked for a while, particularly the skunk/berry pheno.   The other three have a real old school sativa smell, it reminds me of lavender, I remember getting some purple haze that had a similar smell and taste years ago.



As for the high, the important bit in my book!    The skunk/berry pheno is really nice, mellow, up, high, I like it a lot...the other three are exactly what I wanted, I mean exactly!    A high that builds and builds, never getting edgy, no anxiety, real sunny day, walk up a hill with a smile on your face weed!    Compared to the GD the dried ESB looks like ditch weed (well not that bad but not great)  you would really turn your nose up t it if your dealer offered you it, as well as being fairly fluffy, it doesnt look particularly resin coated, and I hardly got any finger hash when trimming, yet it really is the nicest high I have had from a weed in a long time.   It reminds me so much of the important African bush from my youth, its stronger than that but a very similar sort of high, If I hadnt grown it myself I would suspect it had been grown outside in the African sun.  A great smoke.  Well done FDM.  and thanks to whoever on here recommended it.     


I always knew it, but it so interesting to see how little visual appearance is an indication of quality, or should I  say little indication of the type of high.    It makes it all the more upsetting that so much of the modern breeding seems to be about dense resin covered buds, style over substance.   Well ESB certainly has style.


Anyone want to recommend something similar for my next grow.  (in two years i imagine!) 


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