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About ESB


Originally bred by Oldtimer1, an old-school English grower dedicated to adapting landrace sativas to indoor environments.

Ot1 combined a selected Nigerian Skunk to DJ Shorts original Blueberry to create this tamed sativa, ready in 9-10 weeks indoors.

Up sativa head, good buzz but no anxiety like many sat-doms. Musicians love this.


Sativa/Indica mix: 70/30
Maturation period: 9-10 weeks


Seeds per pack: 10

Price inc P+P


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A yes from me  :yep:


Finally a sativa dominant strain that don`t have me on edge or parranoid! I suffer from anxiety and more often than not Sativa plants have had me more worried and panicky.


Not with this girl tho! The bluebery sure shines through too and leaves a nice taste,eyes wide open,sometimes felt like I was crying,kept me alert but chilled at the same time.


Lovely smoke.



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Good stuff @Tenchie   I like it a lot as well & you describe it excellently bro!


I finished one quite recently & gave some to my compadre to try out so I could get his opinion. It was a blind test so he never knew what strain it was, first few drags on a neat spliff he says " Blueberry dom" we end up baked and the test ends very soon as we lose track on what we`re meant to be doing. He promises he`ll let me know when he tries it first of the day....


He phones me next day to say he had a sneaky wee skinny at the 6th tee while playing an early morning midweek round of golf while it`s quiet, he never made it to the 9th tee cos he couldn't keep the ball on the fairways :D

On the Saturday he took one to the football for his pre match spliff, as is his usual routine he parks up, smokes up & then pays the lassie that watches the cars in the street. He gave the lassie the last few drags on his doob & goes off to the game, when he gets back to his car afterwards the lassie is waiting for him, asking him "what the fuck was in that? I had tae go hame" lol


I didn't do a grow report, but it ran 9.5 weeks & grew relatively trouble free,  I did get a slight fright 7 weeks in when i got what looked like the onset of a cal def, but i suspect it was more to do with cold roots/hot canopy & cleared back up when I added another tube heater & changed out my hps for the finishing halide at week 8. She showed a bit of colour, pink pistils and some darkening of the sugar leaf.


The overpowering smell during the grow was of a pine beeswax with slight floral notes, i`ve never smelt a plant similar in 30+yrs of smoking, 20 growing.

It`s now more leaning towards it`s  blueberry terps after a couple of weeks in storage jars but I can still detect the unusual waxy undertones which I really quite like in the background. It weighed in well, not outstanding and was actually the smallest of that grow, but not by much.


It has a lovely effect on me, strong on the positives and low on negatives. It`s become my go to smoke & I need to say that I have a dozen strains in jars at the minute & she`s the best of the bunch.


Here`s a couple of pictures on crop day.




Sorry for the quality but I was in a rush, she stunk my house out!




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Do you know what’s in the esb 

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It`s on the opening post mate  :yep:



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It's been a long, dry fall in the Pacific Northwest, which has been a blessing for PNW growers of sativa hybrids. Here's some vid clips of ESB, California Orange and Durban-Thai Highflyer crosses from one of FDMs breeder mixes enjoying the late autumn sun in very late October on Vancouver Island, BC:

ESB x Cinderella 99

(Durban-Thai Highflyer x Cinderella) x (ESB x Durban)

California Orange x Durban

Edited by Baudelaire
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Great to see your genetics living their full in the natural sunlight, I've always been interested in your genetics baud but did all the hoo hah from the rerelease of your seeds get sorted out?

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One week in flower.





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