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Thanks To The Dutch Passion Team.

Purchased some Auto Mazar from Attitude Seeds   Sadly only 2 of the 7 germed (only 1 actually went on to grow).  After seeing Tony's thread on here i wondered if they could help me out (mrs is only on PIP and i get Carers Allowance for her so finding another £60 would have been hard at the mo).  I wasn't holding my breath as i didn't purchase from them direct.....  BUT after talking to one of their team (and Tony of course) a nice package turned up for us today with 7 Auto Mazar's for us to "keep for souvenirs" *cough* 


A lot of the time people use forums to moan about this that and the other so for a change i would like to do the opposite and offer my thanks to Dutch Passion for helping me out and would like to say they have a customer for a long time now (as long as they keep pumping fresh Auto's out for sure :D).  Thanks to you all you saved our necks as the mrs is almost out of her meds and now we can get going.


Thanks people.....  Also will you be doing an Auto of that Zkittle strain?  I've heard dank things about it tbh :D



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Nice read.....our best to your mrs


Big up to Dutch Passion :yep: 

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On 28/08/2018 at 11:08 AM, Darkstalker420 said:

BUT after talking to one of their team (and Tony of course) a nice package turned up for us today with 7 Auto Mazar's for us to "keep for souvenirs" *cough* 



Deal with a A1 1st class team, you get similar results.  Which in tern, follows on into the DP strains !!............. they didant win "Champion of Champions", in the sativa class, at the highlife cup comp this year for no reason !!.


(See At Bottom, of below, "For DP's 100% germ method")................. Mazar is a region in Afghanistan,......... Mazar, the strain, is from there, and a class strain.


An evening with Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup

All Dutch Passion Highlife cups 2018


Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup


The Highlife Cup is one of the real highlights on the cannabis calendar for any serious cannabis breeder. It began in 1994 thanks to the Highlife Magazine (the sister magazine of Soft Secrets). What makes the Highlife Cup so special is that judging is done by independent judges in blind trials. Coffeeshops and cannabis companies enter their samples, after which they are labelled simply with a code. The samples are given to a jury of 15 cannabis connoisseurs, handpicked by Soft Secrets editor Clifford Cremer. The jury has 2 months to sample each and every sample. The jury only knows the categories of the cannabis they are smoking, but not the name of the samples nor the companies that entered it.


The Highlife Cannabis Cup. Europe’s oldest and fairest competition

The Highlife Cup evening is a very civilised affair, with music and BBQ food and of course plenty of top quality cannabis to enjoy. As well as being a relaxing social evening there is a serious side to the Highlife Cup. Some 135 samples of cannabis and hash were regarded good enough to submit to the judges, and over 8 weeks the judges assess and compare all the varieties. For many this makes it the fairest of all cannabis cup competitions, as well as being Europe’s oldest. The judges do their best to be as objective as possible, which makes the prizes all the more valuable. USA Cannabis genetics play a prominent role


Radio 10 DJ and Highlife Cup veteran DJ Cobus Bosscha helped the evening flow smoothly along with Ed Rosenthal, who had flown in from Los Angeles. Ed is one of the USA’s more prominent authors/gurus on cannabis, and he must have felt at home surrounded by so many varieties with USA genetics in them. One of the benefits of the USA legal cannabis market has been the emergence of some top quality new genetics. These have been gratefully received by European breeders such as Dutch Passion who are bringing some of these classy USA varieties to European grow tents.


Overall Highlife Cup Winner 2018. Champion of Champions, Top honors for Lemon Zkittle

Dutch Passion’s Lemon Zkittle won 1st Prize in the Sativa Category, and was also awarded the Overall Highlife Winner Trophy. It’s a real tribute to the top grade feminized photoperiod genetics which come from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was crossed with Zkittle. With such outstanding parent genetics the chances of an exceptional hybridisation were good, and thats exactly what happened. This is one of the strongest varieties seen by Dutch Passion for several years, with extravagant resin production and a rich, penetrating aroma. The judges loved the top strength high and effects, and to win against such top strength competition is a real honor.

 Lemon Zkittle winner Highlife Cup 2018

Thats gotta be a Gillette Strain !!  best a man can get........ !



To get 100% germ,  put the bean (Dry), straight into a 3 or 5ltr pot,  filled with high drainage soil, i prefer  'Gold Label" (Special Mix) made in the Netherlands.......


make a 3mm hole in the "Compressed top layer of the soil. Put the "Seed" in pointed end down.  Run 250mls of Ph 6.5 water into the soil. Cover the top of the pot with "ClingFilm"....... put straight under your usual light, (18/6 Light pattern) the soil, therefore room temp, need to be no more than 24c, no less than 19c, you may go to 26c max, but not above................... the film keep the temp in soil under the film "Stable"............ as you will see when the underside of the clingfilm "Condensates"  as the heat is kept in the pot, but during 6hrs lights out if temp drops, the soil temp remains  "Stable" this is the key to 100% germ, and is written up on DP's home site for all to see..................... i use this method..................... i put 5 beans down in 5no 3ltr pots, iget 5 plants every time, end off. I dont remember ever having a germ fail with this germ method, as taught to me by "Henk Van Dalen"........... Mr Cannabis.  Keep the soil temp stable and moist,......... you get 10/10 germ 100% of the time....... i gaurantee you.......... best of luck with the "Mazzers"........... it's a mental (Vape) smoke .......... best to all  AM


Ps; here is a Zkittle, germed by me, just before the highlife cup took place....... i have never seen such a trichome loading on a plant !!, before !! other than the mental class,,  "DesFran" an f16+ strain !!  100% sativa of course, a "Destroyer"  lineage !!  


Zkittle wk7 fruitification............... below a 1st for me  "Hyper phistillation"  at least 25% on a chromo test, meaning 25% of the flower weight is  'Trichome Loading"............. DP say, one of the most potent they have seen, for a while !!................. looking forward to a PEG400 juice, canna extract soaked, vape juice of this DP Dame !! 4sure.... at a ratio of 1:1 PEG400 polyethylene glycol, a canna home made vape juice ! AM

Ejmix is the missing link between herbal extracts and ejuice. It is our proprietary blend of propylene glycol a and PEG400, (PEG = Polyethylene glycol) which transforms all extracts, essences and oils into an eliquid that vaporizes smoothly and never separates.


(Fem) Lemon Zkittle strain, Hyper phistillation, trichome loading.


My wk7 Zkittle, already stacked with trichome loading..... still got 3 weeks to get to full Autumb ripeness !!


Bestie to all Automaster

Edited by AutoMaster

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Have a nice full tent of 4 Auto Mazar's now all of which popped up in 3 days.  Looking forward to growing these for the mrs as Mazar was the very first thing i grew back in the day LMAO!! (Fems of course).  So can have a blast from the past.....  Well she can anyway ;)



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On 05/09/2018 at 10:12 AM, Darkstalker420 said:

Have a nice full tent of 4 Auto Mazar's now all of which popped up in 3 days.  Looking forward to growing these



5th September last post................ they musr be massive by now DT420 !!!................. any chance of some mazzer porn !!   As the re sent beans all popped 100% germ........... nice DT............ 2 weeks from hatch, all looking good mate yea ??    AM

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