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Hi all :) 


That time again, the jars are damn near empty! In fact they are empty because I've had to move house. Bit of a bugger really but nowt you can do. Anyhow I've been here a week now so it's time to get the cabinet up and running again. I'll be using the same, faithful setup which is:


- 800W x 600D x 1200H chopped down wardrobe

- 155W Bridgelux LED strips & 700mAh driver

- 40mm Rhino pro filter

- Oldtimers bloom

- Verve soil


This is a low power setup that I've used before. It's only big enough to grow two plants at a time but i'm cool with that. Obviously I'll never be getting buds the size of baseball bats . . . 


Here's a red poison auto i did last time:





And a cream mandarin (photo) the time before:





So it'll produce healthy enough plants with a decent amount of smoke for the size/power usage :)


This time we'll be trying the +Speed auto, purely because i liked the name :D 


Pics & updates to follow

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Ok so the grow-drobe has now been moved from the spare-room to the workshop, which is safer but colder. So it'll need more insulation:








(thermometer has only just been put in, smashed the old one :( )




And on a side note a successful hour's foraging this afternoon. This lot will be made into mead :D 



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Thanks for sharing all your great work with us. I'll keep passing by ;)


Sweet smokes

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Good luck with this grow @Prophet :lucky: 

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So it's been almost a fortnight and the ladies are coming along just fine. instead of using storage boxes for pots, i'm going back to pots. Mainly because i can fit three of them in (25cm) :)


The first two are looking good (little bit crispy on the lower leaves where i started them too close to the lights):















And a late starter, because, why not







Those those who have not seen my little cab setup here she is with her 'urban camouflage'. That's a load of airbrush kit on top. Should anyone ever ask it's a spray booth. And no you can't open it because i have paint curing inside ;)






Intake is courtesy of a 10" 12v PC fan:






Extraction is a 4" fan & Rhino Pro :





This sits inside the top shelf of the cab for stealth reasons. I have a large hole next right next to it with another 10" fan to pull the warm air away from it. It works perfectly:





Plus there are another four smaller fans on the inside to help with recirculation when things get bushy:





Then finally the light rig is 10x  15.5v Bridgelux LED strips (155w) powered by a 350-700mAh Meanwell driver:





This not only gives better PAR and lower heat but also more lumens than a 150w HPS (17'000 vs 22'000)



So there it is :) a few more upgrades to be done before the winter mind you . . .

Edited by Prophet
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It looks well set up mate and a tidy job of it too...love the stealth element to it all! :yep: 

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Getting there :)









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Nice one mate, you're doing a very fine job on your plants!

Thanks for sharing!


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Ok so we're just over four weeks in and everything appears to be going smoothly. Unfortunately I've had to switch back to HPS (150w) for the moment as I'm struggling with low temps when running the LED. Plants really don't like bright white LED light and low temps. So until i get some kind of heating sorted I'll be finishing this grow with the HPS. 


Small girl :









Tall girl :








Fat girl :







Obligatory horrible yellow group shot :) 



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Ok so we're 6 weeks in (from seed) and things are starting to get sticky :)


Got a bit of liming on the fan leaves so she's used all the nutrients in the soil and needs feeding, so I've added 2ml/L of plant magic bloom to their water




Small Girl:









Tall girl:









Fat girl:








And the sodium shot (ew!)





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And here we are at 7 Weeks :)


Unfortunately one of the girls met a sticky end! Basically i've no weed and after waiting a week for an 1/8th of dealer weed i can't wait again. It was underweight and shit to smoke :( So i chopped one girl far too early so put me back in smoke. I'll probably get a Q off her and these autos were only ever going to be a stop-gap


However the other two are looking just fine and will run the course



Fat Girl:










Small Girl:











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It's shit when you're out of smoke mate and just gotta do, what you gotta do ;)  These are puffing out well though :thisbig: 

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@botanics yea i felt pretty dirty chopping her but a mans gotta do . . . !


I tested a couple ballast-dried nugs last night and it's so bloody good after shit dealer weed! Sticky as shit and a really nice zesty smell. Reminded me that of all the weed i've smoked over the last 20 odd years the stuff i grow (by sweed seeds proxy) is still the best. Id even go so far as to say its better than 90% of the weed i've smoked in the Dam. 


These autos will keep me going until i get my grow on for the 5th comp :)


Cheers all

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Aaaaaaand here we are at week 8 :)


Both girls coming along nicely. The one in the second pics is a week behind so technically week 7 for her



Older girl:









And the younger girl





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That's real nice stealth growing, great set up:yep: Will you try again with the leds? 




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