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Diyleduk - What we do.

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8 hours ago, pinthetail said:

Going to jump in here... looking to set a grow up.

4 plants.. still undecided on a light

Inside a dr 60 or a ds90.

What's avaliable for me to get some bud inside there...veg to flower?


Hi mate.

For the dr60 a 135w quantum board kit is perfect. They turn up past 150w of you want that extra bit of power/light. 


For the ds90 you could go for the 265w quantum board kit or if you really want to max out the amount of light, then one of our 320w strip kits is going to be best..


Quantum's are back in next week, the strip kits will be a couple weeks yet.

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Hello mate, what are the physical dimensions of the 320w strip kit? Price?



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Just now, Gojitangie said:



Hello mate, what are the physical dimensions of the 320w strip kit? Price?




Hi mate. They come as 70cm x 62cm x 2.5cm. Designed for a 1m x 1m area. The size can be adjusted to suit bigger spaces.


There's 3 versions. The price reflects the increase in efficiency.







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