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Lemon Zkittle Champion 3Wks To Harvest Automaster

LEMON ZKITTLE (Feminized Strain) By Automaster.  (TxT Abbreviation =)  LZK  (Lemon Zkittle)


The LZK had 100% germ rate inside 3 days at 21c in clingfilm covered 3ltr pots, filled with Gold Label Special Mix, perlite, thats it. And have been fed the matching nute set from gold label "Soil A&B" NPK 6 2 8 inc Ca 2 Mg 5, + Ultra Pk  0 11 12. Tap water buffered RO water used, buffered to 250-280ppm Ec 0.2 to 0.35. Ph down in flower is phos PO4.


Here is the HT write up, for one of the most potent strains to be hybridized by Dutch Passion in 30yr. cant wait to try her out x

An evening with Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup

All Dutch Passion Highlife cups 2018


Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup


The Highlife Cup is one of the real highlights on the cannabis calendar for any serious cannabis breeder. It began in 1994 thanks to the Highlife Magazine (the sister magazine of Soft Secrets). What makes the Highlife Cup so special is that judging is done by independent judges in blind trials. Coffeeshops and cannabis companies enter their samples, after which they are labelled simply with a code. The samples are given to a jury of 15 cannabis connoisseurs, handpicked by Soft Secrets editor Clifford Cremer. The jury has 2 months to sample each and every sample. The jury only knows the categories of the cannabis they are smoking, but not the name of the samples nor the companies that entered it.

The Highlife Cannabis Cup. Europe’s oldest and fairest competition

The Highlife Cup evening is a very civilised affair, with music and BBQ food and of course plenty of top quality cannabis to enjoy. As well as being a relaxing social evening there is a serious side to the Highlife Cup. Some 135 samples of cannabis and hash were regarded good enough to submit to the judges, and over 8 weeks the judges assess and compare all the varieties. For many this makes it the fairest of all cannabis cup competitions, as well as being Europe’s oldest. The judges do their best to be as objective as possible, which makes the prizes all the more valuable.

USA Cannabis genetics play a prominent role

Radio 10 DJ and Highlife Cup veteran DJ Cobus Bosscha helped the evening flow smoothly along with Ed Rosenthal, who had flown in from Los Angeles. Ed is one of the USA’s more prominent authors/gurus on cannabis, and he must have felt at home surrounded by so many varieties with USA genetics in them. One of the benefits of the USA legal cannabis market has been the emergence of some top quality new genetics. These have been gratefully received by European breeders such as Dutch Passion who are bringing some of these classy USA varieties to European grow tents.

Overall Highlife Cup Winner 2018. Top honors for Lemon Zkittle

Dutch Passion’s Lemon Zkittle won 1st Prize in the Sativa Category, and was also awarded the Overall Highlife Winner Trophy. It’s a real tribute to the top grade feminized photoperiod genetics which come from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was crossed with Zkittle. With such outstanding parent genetics the chances of an exceptional hybridisation were good, and thats exactly what happened. This is one of the strongest varieties seen by Dutch Passion for several years, with extravagant resin production and a rich, penetrating aroma. The judges loved the top strength high and effects, and to win against such top strength competition is a real honor.

 Lemon Zkittle winner Highlife Cup 2018


Will take some pic of the LZK.......... at 6wks into flower and post them up in next thread. But all has been fine with the grow, coming into wk 7 of a 10wk flower, so ready for the finish line.  Performing very well during veg and flower, with 3-4wks to go to flush, she is very trich laden at the mo....Automaster

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Here are some pics of the LZK potent one !!  this is 3 to 4 wks from the flush. And already the bud fans with a heavy load, for this stage of the grow............ mental trich abundance at the mo, in 3wks time ????...... a silver-back it would appear !!  25% +




I made this solvent-less 'Power Plant" extract, with a bit of kit, i found 2wks ago,  myrosinpress, PP was pressed at 220f into folded grease-proof paper. And scraped it up while still warm. Then put 3-4g rosin extract into 1fl/0z of vegetable glycerine and warmed it at 45c in a 'Mini" 250ml kilner jar, with water 2 thirds the wey up the jar, for 24hrs.


That diffuses the decarboxylated "THC" into the VG (Veg Glycerol)..... then you vape it in an e juice vapo at 40w.............. now that is a new buzz for me !!.........  clean, full terp (VOc's) present, no deamination of flavones......... is the best thing since sliced bread for me......... a non smoker of tobaco since last october !!......  4 inch blunt combustion, finally a thing of the past. And waste, 25% of THC is wasted when combusted, so vape extract is more potent..... and you get the full Voc's content, 100% of terps in the vape juice, due to low temp extraction....... preserves all the flavones !!   My new consumption method, in cahoots with a coffee hash bang of course, body buzz wipe out on a Friday night !!



This is a snipet of LZK hyper trichomation............grown under under 27,000 lumens of Led, including "IR" & UV A+B", you can see how it comes in at 25%+ on the chromo !!!   this is mental this Lemon Zkittle (Fem) !!



A 2.8g rosin chard, before i dropped into the vegetable glycerol for warming up, and dissolving into VG. Extract from my last grow powerplant, >>PP rosin extract.  For e juice vape juice !!  a 2ml bowl of the legendary "PowerPlant".......... swings you about for a good 3hr :) vaped at a low ohhm 40w coil............. mental PP this wey !!  so pure, so clean, no chems no butane, no explosion risk !!  high purity extract.............. myrosinpress................. wish i found it 3yr ago when it 1st came out for canna .......



Post some more pics next week.. of thew lemon Zkittle fem coming to the harvest line soon !!  cant wait to rosin vape this at 25% trich load....... what a ride thats going to be.... Automaster


Ps; One final thing............ would like to shout out a loud thanks to Teehee for letting me muller his his blog for a few days, while i sorted me shit out !!  many thanks to a superb culturist "TeeHee"@DP !! Yey thx mate.... AM

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Looking good dude looking forward to seeing the finsihed results

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looking forward to your pics AM! Well done so far, looking very nice

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On 16/08/2018 at 2:50 PM, DutchPassionTony said:

looking forward to your pics AM! Well done so far, looking very nice


Thanks to all @DP, i have another mental strain in my culture room !!!!


I think this strain is, well off the scale !!............... the trichome load is in the "DesFran" destroyer league !!......... showing hyper phistillation under the 100 loupe !!  The strain has been 100% stable, trouble free to culture. She has loved the slightly stronger nute Ec's during both veg & fruiting periods.


I am taking her to 100% Autumn ripeness, at week 10 of fruiting out the flowers. I have had to put a lot more support canes in than i did for the "DesFran" !!............. otherwise a heavyweight fruit collapse would have been on the cards !!


Some of the colas, that where topped at wk4 of veg, to split the main colas into 2. Are around quarter pound in weight ! so very dense in trich fruit. like i say, off the scale.  the aromal complex, at this stage is "Heaven Sent"........... lingers on the finger for 5hr or more. That perfect blend the type you remember from the best Dutch, 'Cafe' aroma's.


Tone, already, it is plain to see, why so many independent (Experienced) judges, un-known to each other, with un named samples. All voted this dame, independently, to the top of the "Sativa" tree, un-be-known to each other, trophy of trophy winner, sativa class, 2018 highlife cup. It's, also my opion, that you only see a handfull of these 'BullsEye" strains come along during a life time of culture.


And i aint even PEG400 vape juiced it yet !!


Here are the fruiting flower culture specs, sativa fem, "Lemon Zkittle".


A 5wk veg regime, saw her grow fast, buuilt frame, to handle the load well. Nute only Ec at end of veg was 0.5, @Ph 6.3. The kittle was topped out at wk4, top colas pinched out to re-distribute energy more fairly around the plant frame and bows, during veg.


Ec moved up to a final fruit Ec of 1.09 ! nute only........ and showed no micro tip burn due to over feeding. she would have taken more i recon, but i dont risk a leaf burn, and was happy at that higher Ec !!  For the 1st time, i managed to capture 300ltrs of rainwater, gravity filtered to 20 microns, to ensure no entomological eggs got into the culture room !! none exist smaller than 20 microns !!


The effect of pure aerated gassed up rainwater was phenomenal, on the trich load. I left them on "Autofeed Aquavalves" for 4 days while on a short getaway to fish the river "Wye", for a record barbel, as seen on Mortimer & Whitehouse "Gone Fishing".  i did land a few "Barbels", but none a Uk record @(17lbs !). However, was standing waist deep, in the famous, middle, River Wye, rod in one hand and a "Power Plant" blunt in the other, and a coffee in the breast pocket !!   "Mashed On The Wye", glorious !  i digress.......


When i got back from the Wye river barbel angling session, the Zkittle kit, had loaded up so much trich, i had to break out a lot more support canes and rubber coated retaining wire to strap up the fruits, so heavy, several began leaning over at 90 degree's !...  at that point, with still a couple weeks to go to the rainwater flush ! i knew she was going to be mental..........


Accordingly, what i did different, and for the first time, this grow, which just happened to coincide with the Zkittle kit grow. was i used gold label A&B for the veg 5wk window. Then switched to the ultimate fruiting nute, genesis Microbase & bloom "Mush" !........ on rainwater, for the 12/12. This was a mental coincidence........ that lead to a hyper phistillation event on several 'Zkittle" twin main colas........... first time i have ever seen this.


She still has a week or two to get all the mobile nutes back to the fruits, but at this stage, she is heavyweight loaded ! the rainwater is a great boon for a culturists if you can capture it clean !........ you dont need seaweed when you have genesis nute pack, as the pics below will show............. they are 2 thirds ripe right now;  i'll let the pics do the talking, but in the flash of the camera, lights out, they apear solid silver with packed in trch load.  No fear of mildew, as RH well below 60, @39 and temps, lights on, running at 28-30cc, and lights out is 24-26c RH @44.


115 day lemon Zkittle Sativa, wk7.8 fruiting;   Ec 1.09 nute only, RH 39-44 temps 24-30c flush begins shortly;  Just look at the trich load on these cultivars !!....... and not done loading just yet either !


You can see the horticultural support wires, and multi support canes inserted, to keep the fruits upright !!  each flower resting on a cane or near one, or tied to one !!............ the Z's will weigh in heavy for sure............. if i can keep the weight on the canes !!   will post final weights......... expect large numbers !!  Best to all, and @DP............ What a mental summer that was, one to remember like '76" !!.


On a separate note;

I recorded some stats of the super summertime weather window, of 2018, here they are, a forty year best summer;


Average day high temps in the south of Uk 25.8c, best was 33.5c.

Average night low temps 18.6c, mostly 20c nights, lowest was 17c.

For and over a 90 day period from the 10th May, to 10th August.

Average rainfall during 90 days, 2no 5hr sustained rain events, landed just 54ml of rainwater............ that drought conditions.

So in 3 months = 2160hrs we only had 10hrs of medium rainfall 54mls, on a rain gauge. farmers grazing grasses just died, went brown to the root bed, burnt through, with what i can only assume was a meaga 'Solar Flare" from the sun !  UV A&B & IR, just tingled your skin if left out in sun to long !!


After the 1976 blazing hot summer, a uk record til now. The winter was a bitter one......... 3-6ft of snow in late January, am dreading the winter of 2018 !!............... hope it dont follow suit !!  Australia to, is in terrible drought, NSW and Queensland, 60yr worst drought on record, few beef cattle will go to market this Autumn. a canna culturist i know, is running out of rainwater for his plants, which drink 600ltrs per month !! There have also been many heath land fires here and in Aus, and California also.........


And on a final, note;  Please find it in your heart, to support and attend, the 'Walk For Wildlife" on the 22nd of September 2018, at Hyde Park. As, as off today 70% of British birds are endangered, or critically endangered. Like the Skylark, Swift, Song Thrush, & "Turtle Dove" 95% lost. Billy bragg just wrote a song, the lament to the turtle dove......... now lost, extinct........ gone for ever, never to be seen "Or Heard", by future generation, unless  "Re-Wilding" takes place, and is funded.... ASAP.  if alex salmon can raise 100k for a defense ! i am shit sure we can raise for the ornithological heritage we need to save, right now. For evidence read this    AM




Here is a video that say's it all;



Thanks for reading;..........Automaster


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Heineken, the top 3 global brand, enters the market with a "Cannabis Infused" Sparkling Water, wow........





Thats mental..............   5mg of CBD also !!!  You just gotta love the innovation,  which includes  Heineken "0" alcohol beer, 63 calories.


In addition Heineken brushes off brexit, with 140m Uk investment in "Star Pubs" 2018.  Heineken is the 3rd largest brand in the world.




Heineken UK is making its largest ever annual investment in Star Pubs & Bars, investing £44 million during 2018. This investment is more than double the figure invested last year (£20 million) and brings Heineken’s total expenditure on pubs to almost £140 millioin over the past five years.Around a quarter of Star’s 2,900 pubs will benefit from the investment programme, which includes 140 major capex projects with an average spend of £170,000 per site. The investments are tailored to ensure each pubs’ proposition is relevant to the community where it’s based, including offering excellent food, superior service and an enjoyable environment.This investment will also create 1,000 new jobs, demonstrating the significant contribution pubs make to the UK economy.David Forde, UK Managing Director of Heineken, says: “We are passionate supporters of the Great British Pub and believe that well-invested pubs run by skilled and motivated operators will continue to prosper.


For me, was the only beer i used to drink !!......... due to the triple yeast complex, gives zero hangovers !!, on 5%abv..... but you cant mix alcohol (Alderhydes) with THC CBD CBN........ the Dutch will tell you that. As mixing it, makes ketones that kill your brain slowly....... is why Dutch Gov, banned the two, THC and alcohol being sold at the same premises in the Netherlands 15yrs ago..... AM

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just wanted to air these pics of the 2 foot long three quarter pound (Wet)  "Night Queen Colas"...my 1st night queen, as recomended by Teetee.... flowered & flushed clean on pure rainwater, filtered to 20mc.....!!  the quick pics dont do it justice !! half pound in one hand, camera in the other !!




This summer, hottest on record, i sat under this tree, which i tracked down, to visit, during the wye river angling trip this year. As it was not far of the barbel route to the river........... we popped in, on a very hot summers day, to see, the second oldest oak in the country, at croft park........... i combusted a king power plant joint under this "Ancient" 1000yr old, massive oak, this summer as tribute to it !!.


And pondered the wheel of terpens, looking for inspiration for my next grow.............. over a cold piss-water, milk only, Costa shit ball Coffee....... due to the fact it is a 15minute walk into the park, to get to the old man of croft oak tree,............ it was a Tuesday Am trek to it......... so everyone else at work........ no park wardens....... just sparked the power plant king duby, and lay back on the old man........... and smoked away the summer morning under the 1k, PP oak as i named it !!!   ........... this tree was 11ft tall, when we took "Alexandria"....... & Jerusalem ....... imagine that......... it takes 2500 of these to make an English Galleon, due to the French, not many where left standing or survived to this day !!!!!!!!!!!!!! due to the amount of ship built to hammer the French.........AM


A very, very, similar image to my self !!!!!!  (Not 1000yrs Old Though), although, he is 12yrs older than me !!....... Jonny Jett,  (Below), from "Barnwood Builders" (Travel Channel) mental show !


A couple of the power plant colas,,,,,, well ripe day 115, propped up on a cane......


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Glad you liked the Zkittkez! 

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On 05/09/2018 at 8:18 AM, DutchPassionTony said:

Glad you liked the Zkittkez! 


The trimming, was a joy also. Like the power plant, high bud to leaf ratio in the chunky fruits.  The Zkittles fruits, where heavy. Easily beating my previous best wet weight on a 100 day fem, single plant weight, at 697g.  A smidge under 7oz, @72% Vapour loss during decarboxylation, dryed to 62%RH, now curing.


The early genetic offspring, of a "new" hybridization, allway's shows, exceptional, vigor, as a new strain crossing should. This combined US strain. certainly showed that. The yield from my trusty power plant was also up 30%, as was the night queen. This, i am putting down to, the first full flowering window, using 20mc filtered rainwater.


And the fact that i also switched at flower, to Genesis microbase & Bloom "Mush", from Gold label A&B, i use for the 5wks 18/6 (Constant) veg.  The rain water HC03, in combination with the microbase & Bloom, + Pk + mollasses......... pumped up the weight to another dimension for me !!........... but did mean, keeping a close eye on individual flower stems, that needed cane supports, and soft wire retainers to the canes !!  Which was most bows in the end, due to load........


On a couple of occasions, as i topped a couple of the Zkittles, the twin vertical, center colas bows, (1.4m from soil), had jusr folded over, after a heavy PK boosted feed at 3ltrs/@Ec0.85.........Ph 6.8......... so i just reversed the "Zkittle Flop" ! and braced the bulk to the 1.5m cane, sunk 500mm into pot !!.............. and they finished up the ripening without further issue........ other that a bend in the 8mm cane due to load !!.........


COMMENT ON NEW HYBRID; Lemon Zkittle (Fem) 115 days / 5wks veg / 11wks flowering, inc rainwater flush 10 days.

So she likes the nutes; here are some other observations, during the culture;


Is heavy fruiting variety;


Easy to trim, after 3 days no water, drying in the pot lights on , before 2 days lights out ripening, thermo

controlled 1kw fan room heater on @26c  !


Aroma 100% bullseye for a higher sativa strain, (See terp wheel selection below);


Final weight classification  XXL  (Broke My Previous Wet Weight Record, Single Plant)


Environmental (Indoor) Parameter Range, EPR Coefficient. Environmental tolerance = (Total Nute mls, to Water total / final dry weight, over total time hrs x 100) = EPR coefficient = 0.87. 1.00 is 100% efficient with nute water and bio range.


Trichome loading 24-28% of flower by elemental weight, to be verified by chromo.


Potency, (DesFran Class) Sativa !!!!!!!  SuperXLPotency  @1:1 EJMix to 1g/Pure Rosin Extract.


EJMix vape test ratio 1:3  1g Zkittle Extract to 3g PEG400, vape-able, liquid extract vape solvent."UN-Flavored" EJMix juice, terp profile "Complex" Delectable, Delicious & Delightful; My score 98%, more fruit than citrus, although the zing is there, adorable vape.


Gender Stability; 100%


Nute tolerance to 3mm tip burn; 78% (Projected)


Dehydration time to 1st flop; 3.8 days, 90hrs from last watering. very good drought tolerance. Where still perky, after 4 days away !!


Water use classification (Low) = Water Range from 300mm/PerDay, 100mm seedlings. To 3ltrs/Perday, full flower = average total water used 276ltrs per plant over 115 days, not bad.


Wheel of Terps; Zkittle Aroma Description;  Juice / Extract Ratio 1:3 vape test;  (See Below)



Citrus;  Lime & Pineapple

Tropical:  Passion Fruit & Kiwi






FLORAL (Sweet)




Sweet, Fruity, with a Citrus, back tang on the vapo exhale, will have to make a 1: 1.5 ratio for a Friday evening couching it up with Doc Marten !!............... well, deserved of it's 2018 HL, sativa trophy, as super, allrounder, "Higher Sativa", and a wonderful complex, potent ! Vape. Hope you enjoyed the grow journey AM


A well balanced new strain, and a 2nd favorite for me, along with my 1st, Power plant. my joint 2nd favorite,  (3rd) or if you must, 3rd favorite, "DesFran"............ I can only recommend the Zkittle highly, to anyone looking for a new sativa to try, with 2018 champion heritage....... she is defo worth putting on the sativa best strain to try, 2019 bucket list !!................


thanks to all  for looking in, during the grow journey over 115 days,

hope you enjoyed the journal, and picked up usable canna culture info.  Thanks to all@DP,  AM










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On 9/5/2018 at 8:18 AM, DutchPassionTony said:

Glad you liked the Zkittkez! 

How long do these usually take to flower? My first run was 8weeks but this run i'm on 9weeks and still mostly white pistils 

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On 07/09/2018 at 6:17 PM, AutoMaster said:

thanks to all  for looking in, during the grow journey over 115 days,


K dawg...................... as right above your post, "115" days   16.5 weeks overall, i vegged for 5wks = 35 days, so "80" days flower =11.5 weeks on 12/12................... but i like them very ripe, as only during the last 15 to 20 days the trichs really load up properly, most people cut to early before the real trichome loading starts, during the late autumn nute recovery period, when all fan leaves begin to 'natrually" yellow, as nute are recovered to the flowers....................AM

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On 05/09/2018 at 8:18 AM, DutchPassionTony said:

Glad you liked the Zkittkez!


was a right treat, the first vape out of the cure was, using the MCT C8 oil, so 2g of BHO crystal in 5ml of MCT C8 oil, in the microwave for "7" seconds @800w = full terp value................. means it has jostled in to 2nd place below the no1 "Power Plant'............ pushing the DesFran into 3rd spot................... my current vape squirt on a Friday night consist's of a choice of Power Plant, Lemon Zkittle or the knock out DesFran vape !!......................... sure can see why those 30 odd individual judges, un-known to each other, all chose the Zkittle as the favorite.................... try it, you wont forget it !!!!!...................... ask the judges !!...................... stonking strain XXL.....AM

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Great read! I have 3 Lemon Zkittles that I flipped yesterday. Looking forward to them even more after reading this thread.

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Great read thank you 

I have 5 LZK that have just hit week 5 of flower and are covered in Thricomes, smell amazing and are hella sticky already!


really can’t wait to see what these are like once harvested

I was planning to start a 2week flush around halfway through week 8 would you say that’s about right? 

I have heard some say these are 9 week flowering and some say 10/11 

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