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Bugs Arrgghh any advice please

Hi Genius Growers!

So first time growing and had one plant already get eaten alive after only 2 weeks of growing.

Now it seems that my best plant is under attack.

Germinated inside and as the plants grew to be around 6 cm I took them outside.

Growing in my garden. I have my suspicions as to what this is after researching but I thought I'd reach out to you pros/experts.

What do you think it is? Any good treatment ideas?


Attached are the pics. Thank you very much for your help. All ideas are really appreciated.


2 x Mystery Insects Visible



Back Of Plant 1


Back Of Plant 2


Front Of Plant







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Get urself some pure neem oil.affective against spider mites,fungus ghats,aphids.spray on foliage especailly under leaves apply ever few days so hatchin larve will eat it

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Yep, neem oil organic bug killing sprays.  Just had to do same for myself. Trying out 

Sold by: E-Coco Products UK


through Amazon, sprayed all my ladies last night, checked this morning and it has not killed the plants - Pretty important ! Have also added some yellow sticky fly trap paper.  All organic and non toxic of course !

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Spiritual warrior you're helping me once again! Thank you.

Will check it out.

What do you think they are? Thrips?

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Whatever my insects were they were very small 2-3mm at most.

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thrips mate.

get some provado and youll not be fighting them come flower like you may if you go down the soap solution/neem route.

the bugs dont eat the neem its a soap solution that traps them under a layer and suffocates them.

at this young stage a systemic insecticide would be my method of attack.

provado is good for friut and veg and breaks down within 6 weeks of use.


Edited by stu sleeper 20vt
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Hi Stu,

That's what I thought from researching but great to get proper advice for you guys.

Thank you!

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The plants are so young. These Thrips are vicious little bar stools.

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I just used Pravado on my ladies in veg. Dirty little thrips. 

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Hi Assault, how did it go? Did you get the pre-mixed spray (2 weeks) or the mix (4 weeks)?

Heard covering the plants with a fine mess might help stop them coming back. Anyone tried that?

Are thrips something that is very common?



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