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H + H2O

Budshots, auto Dalquiri, Night Queen, Euforia

All grown in ecothrive coco & GA nutrients.


Night queen was first down at 12 or so weeks.



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More of the NQ











Ended up as smidge under 7 zip.

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Next down was the auto euforia, it ended up with a bit of rot as the buds were totally rock solid by day 100 when it came down[caught me out a bit tbh).


The bad...



Here it is in tent with the DL before I`d noticed the rot, Eufy on the right








This lady was slightly smaller than the NQ  but as I`d lost 2 largish colas, it would probably have been about 7.5oz or so(I got about 6.7)


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The champ was the Dalquiri which came down on 110 days, it weighed in at a smidge under 10zip, not quite upto teehee`s monster weights but i`m very happy especially as it was rammed into a 1msq tent with 4 other plants for most of it`s life( I had 2 mephisto sour stompers in there too, they came down on 10 & 11 weeks)








All in all very happy with all 3 strains, i`d like to thank @teehee for his diarys, as they were the deciding factor in doing the Dl & NQ, fair play bro ;)


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Great work bud!! Beauty plants!

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Mate..... well done there, you deserve to get totally mashed up on all that bud!  Thanks very much for mentionning me, I'm stoked that my ramblings have encouaged you to grow BIG!


Onwards and upwards, eh? Have a go at Glueberry OG.... another big girl with a punch.

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