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Casey Jones

Variispeed Fan Controller

I just bought one of these for my veg tent, but with the Ruck fan the hum/buzz is too loud, so I'm going to use one of two STR fan controllers I've got in my flower tent.  The Variispeed doesn't hum/buzz with either of my TD-Silent fans. Is there any reason to think that these cheap Variispeed fan controllers could damage a TD-Silent? I  didn't care if the Ruck broke, but I do care if a TD-Silent breaks.

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I cannot speak for your TD Silent fans, but I've had an RVK on my veg tent running from a cheap speed controller for years. It is noisy, much more noisy than my temperature controlled speed controller I have on my flower tent, but it doesn't bother me.


It may damage long term, but if you've spent good money on a silent fan then personally, I'd spend a bit extra on my speed controller where it counts :yep:

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