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Big Foot

Last year I grew a Killer Kush fv fem from seed. It made very good bud outdoors.

This season Im trying a Big Foot fem from seeds I won in a compo.


Thought I'd make a few notes about the Big Foot cos I had to read a long way back

to find a diary on this strain. She's a solid kush  I think so she should have a good

chance in southern England lat 51.





Nice big hard dark seeds. About 2 years old, stored in a drawer upstairs.

Sprouted a single seed which germinated straight away.

My method is to sow dry seed into wetted coco in 3 inch pot and clingfilmed

until a stalk has sprouted and the cling film gradually removed






The seed was first wetted 21st March.

Vegged under 96w T5 flouro light, 2 x 2ft tubes.

Heated base with thermostat to maintain temps during cold weather.

Vegging takes ages using flouros but they're reliable and the plants

like the light they make.


Feed in veg.

I dont add feed or ph until the seedlings are about 2+ weeks and then

start at half a mil Canna Coco a + b up to 1max 1mil in veg or about 1.1 ec tops





Plant out mid May.

The Rice Field plot.  Pretty good native soil, not ammended with fertilizer

this season.

Slugs were detered with copper tape and also pellets. The purple ones work

better than the white pellets imo.

The main hazard are rabbits which love to munch young canna plants also

foxes and maybe badgers which root around the prepped soil looking for

worms and digging  right up to the cages.

This season the rabbits have been  standing upright to grab heads from a

couple of  the smaller cages so I've had to add more mesh as the rabbits get

bolder, maybe a result of the very dry weather.





Its a nice plot. My son visited recently and didn't discover it even

though he suspected and looked. Bramble and nettles, big thistles surround the

small plot which includes a couple of autos. Perhaps he will look harder next time.

I took this pic yesterday. The Big Foot has established very well and is about waist high

with nice side branching. Untopped, not really trained, but I did bend the mainstem with

wire for a couple of days to prompt branching and then released it because the cage is too

small and made the growth too close to the edge of the cage and the voracious rabbits.


Good wishes to all :cowboy:

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good luck buddy...

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looking lovely mate .... i did auto daiquari lime from  dutch pasion last year ... it was the only one to survive ,  it dident get much sun and was stunted ( my fault )  but i got probably  1/4  oz     and  it tasted  a rich deisel taste on the draw ,  and a citrus aftertaste on the exhale ... VERY nice ...

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Bigfoot gets the thumbs up from me, nice smoke, great big badass buds, very enjoyable. 


Best of luck !

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Very nice! 


I've got some sweet seeds in my tent at the moment and they look mint. Just like these. I would definitely like to have a bash at outdoor growing one year.



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Hi thanks for lookin in, all the best mate


The  outdoor autos seem to grow small and sweet outdoors. Tried some a couple seasons ago. My best was 40g but would be happy with a more typical result of 25ish.

Some only made a few grams but still worth the effort. The outdoor auto grow so small they're a great stealth plant for scoobie snacks. Nice smoke report thanks !


Thats great to hear from an experienced grower thanks for letting me know it's a big bud goodun. Good luck with your gardening


Hello mate i love to see a Spitfire. Saw one fly low over the beach on holiday last week low rev deep sound beautiful weapon.

Outdoor grows are among the best things a person can do in a lifetime. Hope you get a chance to try it

Hope the tent grow is fattening up now cheers




The Big Foot is coming on well. Chest high, nice shape i think.

Has been so dry only a few drops of rain in weeks and weeks.

Have been giving the plants about 3 litres water every 3 days all summer

Never had to do this in past 2 seasons. Not adding feed cos its been so

time consuming and hot and lazy.

Happy growing

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Looking ace !  Gonna be a big one ! Considered tieing her down so she is more horizontal so all the lower branches catch up with the cola so you get a more even spread of monster buds ? 


Either way, looks like you have a great one coming up :)

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Thanks that is a great idea. Have tied her back a bit with string to the top third of main stem to open the growth all over. She's lookin well and smelling very sweet as the stem was rubbed during tie down

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Top job, it really does pay dividends :)

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Looking wonderful, thanks for sharing ;)


Keep it sweet!

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Flowering nicely since the weekend. The tie back has made the plant more bushy, cheers @Inspiration101



Hi  thanks for dropping by and a very nice compliment , cheers bud

@Sweet Seeds -Jaypp

  this wasnt the first to flower but has the best flowers in a mixed field

this morning.

I made a mistake  in my first post saying I grew the Killer

Kush fv in the 2017 season. Actually it was Green Poison fv which we loved.

Hoping for some more sweet buds from the Big Foot sometime before

mid October.




This has grown into a very pleasing medium sized plant with good structure. A later plant out

so Im guessing it would've been bigger if planted earlier . The training has kept height down

and easier to hide.

She's in a sunny plot

with decent native soil mixed with a reef of old coco, Im looking forward to collecting some

prime buds from this plant if she makes to the finish, looking like a champ this morning.




Good luck to the outdoor growers  :cowboy:



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