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Samsung LM561c

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I'd want that under 50c imo. I'm going to grab one for testing anyway as hlg have dissappeard :ninja:

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Posted (edited)

It came quick came on Monday but courier hid it left no card lol   Just set it up now got it approx 3.3amps   39.6v the pic shows lower I fiddled since   It looks nice  3500k  .. I happy with transaction and price 157 euros delivered   large.F031D2C6-85DE-4D0A-8159-7E285FA40D76.jpeglarge.89269103-B9E1-4877-BF64-5C143D3BB3BF.jpeglarge.29E23006-9D6A-457D-8E1D-44516411346B.jpeglarge.9D921FC1-4204-4C92-AAE1-B2CC338B069E.jpeglarge.681BB20E-5D08-4F8E-A17A-6F8B3FCEE401.jpeglarge.B2604EDA-3BAF-4D84-B381-978F355684CB.jpeglarge.5CA97447-635B-4672-BD53-4D36622B1F2A.jpeglarge.B2ED745F-17EE-4E7C-AB5F-7B598E260509.jpeglarge.F19266E6-C86B-481D-A5F5-E837DF0E9709.jpeglarge.AFC9BE2F-A57B-4398-B604-53F117E18CE1.jpeglarge.63A248DE-60CA-4271-8E8F-5BFD27AAFBB9.jpeg


Till next time time take it easy 

Edited by Arthur Mix
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