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"Buddy" and "Finale" - worth it ?

I'm following - within reason - the Vitalink nute guide for their nutes.


Fulvic, Rootstim, Grow/Bloom A+B are all very well.


I'm also adding "Buddy" towards the mid-end of flowering.


However they also recommend "Finale" which - like most of these "magic finishers" costs an arm and a leg.


Hence I've never bothered.


So I just thought I'd ask here if anyone else swears by them, or can describe a with/without experience ?



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I used to buy into all the marketing bullshit with these type of products, way way back when I started growing.

I soon realised that you dont need them -at all.

All you need for top sheff bud are a decent root stimulant, silicone, base nutes, and some form of Pk boost, and even that makes minimal difference in my past experience to be honest. 

At the end of the plants life cycle, the idea is to flush out all the chemicals/ nutrients  in it, for a cleaner smoke, so why would you want to put more in?


I wouldn't bother

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As above, I only use seaweed extract (roots) and grow and bloom, never seen a booster that actually makes the plant grow bigger than it would ordinarily.

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seaweed for the win ..simple as that ..no boosters ive tried been any good and some made everythin feel wrong ,spongey and too perfumed instead of being naturally perfumed .

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If you don't understand what you're putting in the tank, just stick to A&B and Root Stim.

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