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Best tent company

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Black out the room the tents in and then u dont have to worry about light leaks

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On 22/08/2018 at 0:33 PM, Smokebelch said:

, the greenqube I have now is no different


My qube is totally light tight. Reckon it's 6-9 months old and the best tent I've owned to date. And I can swing on the bars like a erm monkey too.:taz:

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Posted (edited)

My old secret jardin cupboard pushing on 15 years, this from before they did tents :yep: Still going strong 

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Another vote for hydrolab- when deciding I literally read every tent thread on UK420 and no one complained about Hydrolab- maybe because they sell fewer tents than the bigger players, I don't know but there were complaints about literally every other make including mammoth. I decided to buy from Hydrolab, excellent guy at their end, sent a second tent out to me immediately without extra charge when the first one was returned to sender due to my error!


The tent is ace, well built and sturdy, simple to assemble and drape up, no light leaks, far too many socks etc :)




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I have a 2.4 x 1.2m trojan, it's a really good tent.  I bought it used from a local shop so far it's lasted me a few years, is still going.  They have excellent zip construction, the metal work is study and they have a thick fabric sleeve behind the zip to ensure no light leaks.  Chances are when I eventually take it down again it may meet the end of it's life but i'd certainly get another.

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