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smokie1 b c f c

one good year, is a cali outdoor grow video i found on the tube.

hi all. never seen this before i ain't ,its as good watch i thought. so i thought id put it up in here for others to view. :hippy:


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I liked that, it was cool.


We lived in a small little place for awhile out there and it was nice. The place where we were, had "community" and it was really nice. We had a monthly community meeting down by the stream, there was picnic tables and a BBQ pit and everybody brought along a dish. Everybody came along and met everybody else and said hello, you got to know your neighbours and wave at them in the street.


I would walk my dogs over the hills and into the redwood forests, I loved it. Being tailed by Mountain Lions was a little scary, but they never jumped out at us just followed and looked at their potential lunch. But every day I would walk up into the hills and feel at peace.

We would have to drive into the big city (Santa Cruz) to get good prices on food shopping, as the prices in the local store were really high, thanks to silicon valley people and local growers.


We moved out of that area the day it started to rain that year. Holy crap did it rain, like a thunder storm but for a few months. No outside plants would have survived either the rain or the wetness, outside growers must really get it right with their timing or have their entire crop ruined in just a short amount of time.



We moved a few miles up the road to suburbia, I hated it. Strip malls and concrete, people being assholes. I never even met our neighbours or learned their names, unilke where we were before when people saw us they waved or beeped their horns.



If you are ever over there and in California, just jump on to highway 1 and take the slow road, it's a real trip to see the big tree's and the friendly people. I call this the real America and it is being shrunk or dieing a little bit every day. It gets replaced with strip malls, Starbucks and fast food is called progress, I'm not so sure about that.




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Nice film

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