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growroom questiona
Newbie build

Hi All

im gonna be attempting my first build in a long time and was hoping for some advice.

my room will be in an old shed and will be made of 100mm celotex inside shed,groom internal will be approx 6ftwx4ftdx5.5ft tall.

i have a 400w light with cool tube and a rhino filter.

1st thing is extraction,I have a 6inch in-line silent fan,I want to reduce this to soil pipe 110mm,I intend running the soil pipe approx 1foot below ground for 6m where it will come up into a work shed,will the fan be ok reducing down to soil pipe(solid smooth pipe) over the distance ?

also,having difficulty deciding on door way through celotex,as said,room will be in a shed so looks doesn’t matter,more functionality,air/light tight.

if I make a wooden door,would you stick celotex to reverse,how to seal etc,want access to be relatively easy and not to fiddly.

any ideas greatly appreciated to help a middle aged stoner : )

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If I was doing a build in my shed I would make the frame work out of timber studs (wall or walls) then insulate between the studs (upright timbers) clad the out side of your grow room in ply or plasterboard and hang a cheap door in the frame work  :thumsup: 

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If the soil pipe isn't already in place then obviously you would be better off using a larger pipe. I would have thought that kind of difference would build back pressure and reduce the fan efficiency quite a bit, not something I would want to chance with the extraction myself personally. I don't know for sure though.



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Hi guys

Thanks for replies and sorry I’ve not responded sooner,very busy lol.

yes the soil pipe is already in and buried,approx 1ft below ground,the pipe is 110mm smooth so thinking(hoping) the size reduction doesn’t cause a problem,the pipe run is just under 6 metres of straight run.

Will get some pics up soon.

thanks guys

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Hi guys,got a big jump on the groom




The room is approx 5ft tall 4 ft deep and 5.5 ft long.

im hoping to take a passive feed from inside the shed (so no vent exposed outside).

i have a 6 inch exhaust fan connected to a 6inch rhino and exhausting through the 4.5inch plastic pipe.

as said earlier pipe is buried and is about a 6mtr straight run and then comes up into another shed where it vents.

my next question is,how big would you think the passive intake needs to be ?

im running a 600w with 4 little ones,prob scrog.

thanks for reading.

(still trying to add photos lol)

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