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Rate my method, BHO without the B,

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thats what is going on .re adding whatever terps you want ..soort of takes the fun out of it but adds to the fun in other ways .

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I tried adding terpenes to rosin for use in the bubbleman carts.

Even with the tiniest amount added of 'critical haze' terps the inhale felt almost caustic and everyone who has tried it coughed immediately. Given terpenes are volatile and many alcohol based it would seem logical that inhaling them in large amounts would not be a great idea. I'd be intrigued to know the terpene percentage of either of the sappy rosins mentioned above. I saw a test result of 'very terpy' extract which was a little over 2%.

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All that said, lots of terpenes does not = nice smoke OR nice smell!


The live rosin I've attempted had an amazing and incredibly strong smell and flavour compared to the bho crumble, and weirdly far more like the live plant itself. Ive made rosin using bho for the hell of it and it ended up tastier imo. I think there's something to be said for reducing or altering the terpene profile a bit.


I believe that curing can increase the terpene profile as a proportion of some terpenes change/oxidize. I guess the rosin process maybe selects against them? Perhaps they are more volatile? Could explain a return to that fresher smell/flavour? I dunno....

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Makes you wonder why charas was the highest echelon of hashes and extracts.

I'd say it still is.  It's hard to quantify the science of an individual's harvesting technique and the science of hand rubbing hash in the sun or shade.  It can't really be compared to oils/extracts/rosin  etc but I think there is a lot comes into play with the mechanical manipulation and working of hashes in the hand.  its intuitive and works.

It may also be the most valid and effective medicine.  We don't know yet.


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On 29/06/2018 at 2:56 PM, Scorp27 said:

Thanks @dylanbk, I’d be more than happy with a return of 1.5g from a q. 


Any advice from experience on pressure/heat? Type of press?


You sound like you know your stuff and as I said I am a total newb to rosin and have not yet been able to talk myself into reading up on it, think I’ll take the day to have a nice smoke and get back on the research tomorrow, need a break lol


No worries, I'd say 1.5g of oil from a Q will be on the optimistic side of the scale but achievable. 


The press depends on how much money you have to spend, they can get pretty expensive. You can DIY a decent press and there's a couple of guides on this site for putting one together and what you'll need.


Since you're using it for edibles then press the bud at a high heat for as long as possible, something like 110c for 90 seconds.


For edibles you will need to decarb the oil further, here's a guide.


All the best GL

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