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Storm Vaporizer Pen

A little background to this; I've been tobacco free for two years, this time last year I had my first crop and the temptation to start making spliffs again was intense, I had a bit of a wobble at Xmas time but pulled my shit together and stopped again since then I've been trying to come up with a way of smoking without smoking if you see what I mean? I've been making canna butter and edibles, canna caps etc and it's been going well but I've had to be quite disciplined as I do quite a bit of driving for work and I didn't want to invite any official attention, obviously. Anyhoo, I'd researched enough to be confident to save up the money and buy a couple of  vape pens, one for me and one for her. The last thing she said to me before going to work was "are you going to suss how these work?"

So what I need to know is this. Does the Storm work only as a combustible type thing or can I use it as a dabber i.e. By having some sort of absorbent material in the steel canister and soaking that in a p/g -v/g e-juice? or even try using the canna butter which i already have plenty of (is this what they mean by wax?). Or do i quit over thinking it and just use straight herb? Is that not just like smoking a pipe? 


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By cannabutter do you mean cannabis infused butter? That's for edibles only, you can't vape that. Straight herb works very well through a vaporizer, I'd keep it simple to start with.


It's not like smoking a pipe, as the vape will heat the herb to temperatures below combustion. Flavour and smoothness from vaping are off the scale compared to smoking for me. Plus a lot less herb is used to get the desired effect. 


I think if you look on YouTube for vapefiends review of the storm he gives a quick run through of how to use.. 


Ps. Save the herb you have vaped, it can be used to make butter with. 2 highs for the price of 1! 




Edit: I think there's another thread on the forum with a similar title that will have more info regarding the storm..

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Awesome. Thankyou. Simple is what i do best. :mellow:

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