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Does anyone have info on the best LEDs ?

Currently using 900w viperspectra but been told they are rubbish? Any if would be great.



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I'm only replying as no one else has but heres my take on what you asked.

theres a lot of info on what LED lights people are using in the LED grow section. If you are using the vipar already then how are you getting on with it?, if you are happy with its performance so far then i wouldn't worry too much about what people think of it -  the tech moves quite fast but i use a much older piece of crap LED than you use and I'm more than happy with the results for now. have you been growing long? have you just moved over from HPS to LED or gone straight in for the LED? if you are new to growing then cut your teeth with your vipar and give it a few runs to see how you can improve your growing and increase your yields through technique and environment control and in the meantime research all the new tech, get a bit confused and maybe spend even more money on new LEDS later on? Your vipar might not be the best on the market but I reckon you can produce yourself some pretty impressive buds with it regardless. 

if you haven't started a grow diary then I suggest you do in the LED section, you'll get lots of help and advice and a more comprehensive answer and then you'll know if your light is truly crap or if you could tweak you techniques to get the most out of what you've got :)  


FWIW i expect your light is better than you think, just not as good as some of the newer tech.


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