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Help with my blooming nutes.

Hi guys, I actually grow in solid but couldn’t find anywhere else to post about nutes otherthen here.


i have 2 Autos which are coming to the end of week 5/6 and one has started showing pistils so has started flowering and the other isn’t too far behind. 


I am currently running Humboldt Nutrients A&B as my base. I was going to grab a few boosters from AN. I’m looking at Big Bud, B-52, bud candy, overdrive and Voodoo juice.


my question is do I really need all of them or would just rubbing Big bud, bud candy and Overdrive be sufficient?


which nutes would I use first or would they all be used together?


thanks in advance guys

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You don't need all of them, that's for certain.  Really, all you need at this stage on top of your base nutrients is something with a lot of P and K./ So any  of what you mentioned with the highest amounts of PK or you could buy some PK 13/14 or any other product that has a readily available source of Pand K, that's all you really need at this stage. 


Maybe you could find some sort of top stimulator for sake of resin production but it's not essential if you grow your plant well. 

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You won't get anywhere near the returns you expect from those products at the price you'll pay. You should be able to provide everything your plant needs with what you've got, but if you want a flower booster, some PK13/14 or just some cheap tomato feed with high PK will do (but use sparingly). All the add-ons just really are'nt worth it unless you've got more money than sense, which is pretty much the reason why these products exists at the prices they do anyway. 


If you look at all the 'top' growers on here, I don't think you'll find a single one that uses all that AN stuff. It's just not necessary, they're trying to mug you off.

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