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Hi 420 folk, Newb here(r)

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I've had 3 myself that were a no show. They all germinated lovely and had a nice tap root when I planted them but for whatever reason none of them came up.


Thankfully I do have others on the go but it's always disappointing when things don't go to plan, mother nature doesn't always play ball.


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Try putting the seed straight into the compost, that way you won't have to handle delicate roots ;)

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I'm always super careful with  newly popped seeds, I never touch them at all I usually just roll them off the damp paper I germed them on and straight into the hole i made in the soil then lightly cover it over.


It's been a funny old year so far, both success and failure at the same time. The successes are really coming along nicely, 3 lovely photos and 2 autos, 1 of which is only a few weeks away from finishing and really fattening up. The failure is 4 seeds that popped fine but for whatever reason just didn't take at all, maybe it was just too hot for them I don't know.


Onwards and upwards though, it's all part of the game.


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Think I'm approaching bloom time and panicking that I should maybe repot my nebula ii cbd again. My sole remaining hope rests on this nebula ii cbd that has been veging since early may and due to complete mid Oct. My lil lady seems to be drinking dry every 1.5 days and soil feels compacted, and although I cannot see any roots emerging from the bottom of the pot, I just tipped it up and think I see something resembling root rot or a web of mold (see pics). Beginning to regret my decision to use shells as a drainage base.  Any advice appreciated on whether I would get away with repotting at this stage. if so, what size? Current pot is about 21 litres


Not used any nutes at all so far but guess I need to prepare for bloom. Any advice again appreciated.

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