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Northern light & critical - no smell when flowering?

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1 minute ago, Werewolves_are_rad said:


Every morning and evening, I check on the babes compulsively! 


Thats why then imo lol


Unless u have a really smelly strain i dont think u will smell it until last couple of weeks.

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21 minutes ago, JamJar said:

How often do you visit your plants? Try having a day off and leaving them be.. go back and im sure u will smell them. Both me and my misses are pretty immune to the smell now.. our visitors always say it stink though.. due to me opening my tent all the time to talk to my girls lol


Every morning and evening, I check on the babes compulsively! 


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8 hours ago, Werewolves_are_rad said:


I'm a bit worried that no smell = crap potency of the final bud, did yours turn out to be a good smoke?


There's a bit of smell when I so that but I expected way stronger! I'm happy enough the smell is low as long as the smoke is good :)

Yes totally, very nice indeed. I was also worried but potency and smell must be two different things I guess 

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Posted (edited)

On 7/13/2018 at 0:10 AM, Werewolves_are_rad said:

I'm starting to think I might not have needed the carbon filter!

My carbon filter is still sitting in the box in my spare room. It was a waste of cash tbh, a wee bit smell the last 2 weeks but nothing a smelly candle cant handle. I extract from a room to the attic and it seems to dissipate very well without any stinky winky. Although my grow is more percy but it does stink when drying but in the attic which is well out the way!.... Its taken a lot of years to suss out my situation and a huge carbon filter for me is over kill if im honest.

Edited by lennyd79

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Please don’t grow without carbon filters, they are a essential bit of safety equipment. 


Really not worth the risk 

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