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Air stones life span

Just a quick question, bought a couple of large air stones last year. 


Just wondering if I should be replacing them, do they have a life Span or are they good for a long time? 


(growing in a Wilma they run in the res 24/7)


Many thanks 

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They usually start to disintegrate after a while in salty nutrient solution. Try pulling the air line off it, if it comes away with a bit of the air stone its time for new ones lol 

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IME they last different lengths of time based on what they are in. In PH 7+ buckets of nute waiting to be dosed, they last quite a while but get clogged with nutes and need cleaning every now and then. In PH 7- they dissolve after a while, the lower the PH the quicker they do it.


If the air nipple is still fixed on, and they are putting out the same size of bubble they always have, and the same amount of bubbles, then they are still good.


If the nipple comes off, or the block starts to dissolve and make larger bubbles, or the stone gets clogged and cannot be cleaned, think about replacing it.


Other than that, how long is a piece of string?

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Thanks for the advice guys it's much appreciated 

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