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Grinding, curing, storing ....

Page household SOP is to grind up a few buds and then roll a few in advance.


So usual situation is a jar will tonights spliffs in - maybe rolled today, or yesterday. A box with a few more spliffs in it. And a small container with whatevers left of the ground stuff, for the next rolling session.


Pretty sure that even though we cure buds (we think) to perfection, there's a tiny bit of additional curing that goes on after the buds are ground and rolled ?


Either way, day or two old spliffs are so incredibly mellow and tasty ....


Just wondered what other folks experiences or thoughts are ?

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Sounds like too much hard work. A rare thing an organised stoner!:skin_up:

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I like to grind a weeks worth at a time and dont store it in anything airtight  ...sort of let it breathe :yes:

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5 minutes ago, monkeypig said:

Sounds like too much hard work. A rare thing an organised stoner!:skin_up:

Well .... the starting point has always been MrsPages MS. Cannabis is first - and foremost - a medication for spasms, pain, and related MS shitty stuff. We take it that it's doing something, as going without sees some symptoms worsen, and sometimes an extra spliff eases things.


I have glaucoma, but haven't been able to test the efficacy of cannabis for myself ... touch wood my IOP is well within what keeps the consultant happy, but without going without cannabis for a while and re-checking, and then restarting cannabis and rechecking, plus stopping and starting the prescribed meds I just can't say. So I can only honestly call my usage "recreational". It's just a good thing we both enjoy a spliff together :) 


One of my consultants frequently mentioned cannabis with regards to glaucoma in a non-advisory, non-judgemental way. But following my own advice, I never ever admit to smoking to anyone. Except the UK420 massive, and MrsJP ...

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