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SVS does the Sapphire OG and Green Crack again!

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54 minutes ago, SevernValleySavant said:

No worries pal, this is what UK420 is all about innit.


It certainly is mate, cheers.Jj:yinyang:

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On 10/07/2018 at 9:12 PM, SevernValleySavant said:

I've dried them but being 5 weeks into flower and seeded, it's not really worth smoking. Might make some butter from them but again, not sure if it's worth it. 



If there are visable trichomes then it is definitely worth turning the ladyboy into butter or oil mate :yep:


The right call was made to save the remaining plants from being pollinated  :bong:


Let us know how you fair my friend  :haveadab:


Kind regards 



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