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Any Tips on Trying to Slow Dry in Hot Weather?

I've got got one plant thats has got to where i want it and the other have a least a week left. so I'm going to have to dry it in a box coming off the tent with ducting.

As it's one smallish plant and its consistently it's been quite warm lately I'm worried despite my best efforts I'm going to over dry it.


Cant really use a humidifier or cool the room to get optimal conditions drying conditions as i still have other plants finishing off in the tent and i dont want mold.

I watered the plant in question yesterday would it maybe a good idea to cut it down to today while still has moisture in it ? will that effect it ?

Any tips would be great thanks.


If i double brown bagged after a few days or so would that slow it or down ? or would cutting up to brown bag dry it out quicker ? (i cut at base and hang as whole with out trimming at all)

in my tent i can usually draw it out to 10 days+ but in drying box 5-7 days seems the longest i can drag it out for before it gets dry on the outside.

i waited for stem snap last time dont think i want to try that again , When jarred it never went above 53% no cure no taste. obviously trying to avoid that.



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