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Jibba jabba

To Switch or not??

Mornings Uk420.


So I a good old session on the new doctor dab switch, top bit of kit.


Firstly I will say I lowered my tolerance over the last week as dabbing wasn’t as effective as it should have been.


Heat settings, there are from what it could figure out 6 main sets with 6 adjustments for each,So I wasn’t messing about got a dab of shatter on the pick thing turned it on put the white ceramic bowl into position, decided to start on the lower temp, work me way up to find the right temp,right so tiny dab on pick power on heat setting selected, about 2/5seconds later the top went green telling me it’s good to go,not quite hot enough, so let’s stop messing about, me mate wants a go, yeah not hot enough, so let’s have a go in advanced mode, turned it to max heat, got a massive dab, pressed the button top goes red, seconds later it’s green, good to go, then I noticed all the oil in there being vapourized, great so I chucked in me dab and drew through the sucky bit,about an hour an a half later I could manage to talk again, properly battered me.not tired,high as the sky.


Time for a fishfinger sandwich:chef: and a milky coffee, then the white ceramic bowl came out and I had a go of the black one full of ground up Gsc, very good, similar to a mighty, much easier to really burn it tho, I kept the temp low and it was scorching the weed, proper black, tasted burnt too after one go, unlike the mighty, which gives you a slightly vaped taste and doesn’t burn the weed, I found that on the weed switch side it was a bit burnie if hot and not quite cloudy enough when cooler, but on the second draw it tasted burnt, only slightly on the lower settings.To be fair I could have played with the settings to find a sweet spot for it, bit was to shot away to function correctly.


Changing the  pots chambers is a bit of faf, especially when full of waste and hot, tho you do get a pair of tweezers with silicone tips on, which I managed to get the hang of quickly.


All in all not a bad device,very well built, looks like a solid unit, only concern would be the glass,dabs like a rig, 

need a bit more practice for the bud tho.


Oh and the battery was fine, it was fully charged when I got there, and we ran out well before the battery.


Also comes in a nice box very well packaged, containers a nice mat, a silicone oil tub, black ceramic pot for weed a white one for oil and a crystal one for low temp flavours, which I didn’t try, but should have as I feel that it wouldn’t have scorched the bud, I’ll have a go later.


I will get a few pics up.Jj





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I got excited when I saw this gizmo but the price :shock:

How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking? Saw it on a US site @$400. So I assume will be £400 ish? 


I've been after something like this to hit my iso with. 

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It’s not mine @monkeypig but I believe it was about one million dollars:eek:


Plus import tax of another mill,


very expensive, too much for me,

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Well, the search continues for my E banger kit I can afford!

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Mornings Uk420


Right then, had a couple more days of playing, with the white ceramic bowl(for oil) in place on yellow heat mode(the hottest) settings, I would say the switch is the same as a dab rig, if not better:haveadab:


But then I want to try some bud without scorching the shit out of it, so I had a gander over the destructions, then I notice this litttle packet in the box, crystal bowl,

intresting, so the crystal bowl doesn’t need half as much heat, so the switch needs to be put into crystal mode, (all white lights on the front which really lowers the power)so hold the center button then switch it onto the leaf side, they should(the lights on the front) go into a rainbow, you are now in advanced mode where you can adjust the main temp settings, but that’s not what we want, so now your in advanced mode, turn the switch to the centre position, hold the plus button down then flick the switch to leaf mode, then you should have white lights on the front,wait 5seconds or so and the lights flash pink which means it has been saved, so load the thing with bud press the button heats up so quick it makes me think it is not working.


Without doubt the best multi function smoking device I have had the pleasure to stick my lips around.


Saying that tho, not too sure what the black bowl is all about, even on low power (not crystal mode) it scorches the bud so maybe hash, dunno.


My only gripe would be the small amount of faffing getting the crystal bowl in and out, tho you do get a pair of silicone tipped tweezers, but a faf none the less, actually quite supprised that  nor me or me mate managed to drop it as the bowl would shatter all over the place, refilling after every go, unlike the mighty, one go all gone, I tried in crystal mode starting low then with the same bowl going up a couple of notches, no bloody good mate, refill required every time.


Price wise they are taking the piss, but there’s not a lot to it really, like most things that are new (ish) as the popularity rises the price will lower,or the Chinese will copy it and sell it for a pound:rofl:


Brilliant machine, I want one,9/10


:haveadab: Jj

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