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Help and Advice

Hello all, 

I'm looking for some help and advice when choosing a new hand held vape. Let me give you my current setup which I love but want to improve. I currently use a desktop volcano and love the quality and economy. However the bags piss me off with the time and noise. I have also had in the past the original arizer solo.  Which I really liked thr taste and ease, the volcano is better quality vape though and I love the quality of vape thr most.


I'm looking for a new handheld and these are the ones I'm considering:

1. Crafty (worried about the plastic? Do people find thus an issue also is the battery really that bad? Robust good build quality?)

2. Mighty (is this really portable,can I use this outside in public ish eg on a golf course)

3. Arizer solo 2 (battery okay? Does the fan do good job)

4. Arize air 2 (same worries as above)

5. Arizer go (not heard a sausage about this)


Main features wanted volcano quality vape clouds and economy. Battery life enough for a day, general I do 2-3 sessions in a evening. Stealth and size would be bonus so I can use on the move.


I am open to new suggestions, I just know I can trust thr build quality of the ones mentioned above.


Also any chance storez and bick will be bring a new hand held out soon? There models have been a round some time and love there build qualitt on the volcano. 


Thanks in advance bras.


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Look at the Boundless CFX, half the cost of the Mighty, bowl holds 0.75g, decent battery life and you can do a slow charge "on the go" with a USB battery pack for phones/tablets. Temps adjustable to the degree, not presets.


Bought one when I was in the Dam last month, and I love it. The flavours you get are much better than with the G-Pen Elite, which is also a good one but the battery life is hellish, and there's just enough length on the mouthpiece to cool the vapours enough. It also comes with cartridges for oils and waxes, nicely multipurpose. The only problem is that it's hardly stealthy because of the size but given how many people walk around with huge vapes for fluids then it's unlikely anyone would notice as there is no smell like you would associate with smoking. As long as you are discreet about it and ain't telling the world you have weed I reckon nobody would know.

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