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australian bastard weed

hi everyone. ive been wanting to put up a thread about this but kept forgetting. 

i found a video online of this australian b/stard weed, it looks funny, but would blend in with other plants better than normall canna. it has resin on it, looks ok, just small buds. lol 

here is the link to the video, has anyone heard of this weed before,or know the background of it, id love to know ? or better still anyone smoked it, or grew it out. cheers :smokin:


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apparently its a cross of hops and ausie outdoor weed ? it does look like hops a little. :unsure:

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Ok so here the story goes as I remember it and I'm open to correction.

Quite some years ago a keen outdoors couple were hiking in the outback and recognised the plant for being/not being cannabis.  Or an anomalie.  They  took a couple of samples I believe and brought them back.  The samples were examined by a university and it was decided that it was an undiscovered indigenous plant.

Personally I disagree, it's more likely it's errant seeds and pollen.

Anyhow.  Two aussie guys both went to search for the genetics and found them.

The genetics from one wallys duck foot I believe was touted as being stronger.  I reiterate that the two aussie chaps went searching but separately.

Can't remember but I think the other guy called it aussie bastard.

They then had an Internet war to decide who's was strongest.

Wallys ducks foot  eventually found its way to Europe where it is now developed into the ducks foot strain.

I stand to be corrected on any of this.

It's mere spiel from memory.

Great story.

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Remember a High Times article on the possibility of crossing hops with cannabis.


That's what that plant looks like but I think the cross was a myth.


May be good if it existed as we might brew a bloody good beer with it :)


If anything it would be perhaps good for hash if the resin has thc and maybe cbd.


'Bastard Weed' is a good old Australian name for variety.


Fascinating read. Hope someone can follow up with any explanations or theories.

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cheers both. yeah it looks like hops , ive seen the ducksfoot before. but never this abc weed. 

@MyDisplayName2000 yeah i bet you could brew some great weed beer with it bastard beer. lol i was hoping someone has maybe smoked this abc or grew it. :unsure:

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